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If you have journeyed with me on this blog you will know I believe: It all  begins and ends in Jesus. All you have to do is read John 1. This is and was the great plan of a loving Father to His creation: to give His own Son for a ransom, a payment, a… Continue reading THE CHOICE

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More of God?

The year is 66 A.D. or maybe 67 A.D.  and Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ to the Gentiles, finds himself once again arrested by the Roman Empire.  But this time it is much different.  Instead of being under house arrest he finds himself in a dungeon in chains.  To be more specific in Nero's… Continue reading More of God?

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New Wine


Friends 🌻

I had watched the movie "Ya-Ya Sisterhood" a little while ago. It was on regular tv; so many things were bleeped out.  Yet this didn't take away the message of girls, women and our wonderful friendships we can have. God meant for us to have relationship with Him and others. This is otherwise known as… Continue reading Friends 🌻

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Horizontal and Vertical (Part 4)

If you haven't yet, you may want to start with these posts first: Have We Sold Indulgences in Modern Times (pt.1), Millstone Around Your Neck (pt. 2), and Millstone Around Your Neck (pt. 3) because they look at Luke 17:1-2 and the spirit of offense. Today I want to start to look at Luke 17:3-10. Here it is… Continue reading Horizontal and Vertical (Part 4)