More of God?

B31A20A1-664D-4D12-86F8-FB7EEDD792E2The year is 66 A.D. or maybe 67 A.D.  and Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ to the Gentiles, finds himself once again arrested by the Roman Empire.  But this time it is much different.  Instead of being under house arrest he finds himself in a dungeon in chains.  To be more specific in Nero’s dungeon.  Not only is Paul there but it is also believed that Peter who walked with Jesus is also there.  At this time Paul is able to write a letter to his fellow brother in Christ, a young man he raised up in the faith of their mutual Lord and Savior. This young man, Timothy, receives a letter which will be known as 2 Timothy to future generations. Yet, for Timothy this is the last correspondence he has from a man he had walked with and knew so very well.  This is the man Timothy had learned from Who Jesus is.  Paul knows his time is short and soon he will be poured out as a drink offering (4:6).  Paul asks Timothy to come to him yet at the same time realizes that Timothy may not get there in time, so his letter also conveys the concerns he has of the times and of the faith which is so dear to him and that he will die for.

If we put ourselves in the times this letter was thought to be written, we might see this as a transitional time for the believers in Christ.  Most of the other disciples have been killed for their belief.  The Roman Empire is controlled by Nero.  Under his rule the believers in Jesus suffered great persecution.  He is known as a cruel leader.  Both Paul and Peter are killed under his rule leaving only John as the  last of the original apostles.  Many believers began to wonder if Jesus would ever return and some were teaching the resurrection had already happened (2:17).  Paul also warns of others in the future who will have a form of godliness but deny it’s power and always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of truth (3:5&7).  He reminded Timothy, “ But you must continue in the things which you have learned and been assured of, knowing from whom you have learned them, and that from childhood you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.” (3:14-15).  Paul also reminds Timothy several times to: “Hold fast the pattern of words which you have heard from me, in faith and love which are in Christ Jesus” (1:13); “…be strong in grace that is in Christ Jesus. And the things you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also” (2:1-2); and “consider what I say and may the Lord give you understanding in all things” (2:7). Paul wanted to ensure the true gospel—-stayed TRUE and that the message being taught would not go back to the old leaven (law).  He reminds Timothy of the importance of faith in Who Jesus is to secure salvation and righteousness and how this truth needed to be passed on to future generations. I believe Paul was passing the baton on to his disciple Timothy before he died.  What brought me to tears though was the realization that the church today has completely perverted Paul’s words and has done exactly what he didn’t want to happen with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  And the really sad part is that they have used his own words to do so.

So many times this book (2:20-26)  has been taught from the perspective of a believers behavior and their need to try to better themselves so they can “get more from God”, or “get to a higher level”.  Christians have lost the Way and forgotten it is Him Who brings us from glory to glory, not us.  And we already have ALL of Him in us, period.  There is no secret way of obedience to “get more Holy Spirit”. The entirety of the Holy Spirit resides in each believer as they Simply Believe.  People that believe there is a way for them to attain more of God by their behavior are simply feasting on the old leaven (1 Cor 5:8). This old leaven causes you to want to hide your mistakes and choices instead of living from the inside out (see: Grace Enables You to…. for more info).  When feasting on the old leaven you fear God and man because you don’t understand that God has already forgiven you because of His Son.  The truth is you are fully forgiven which causes you to not fear because you know, no matter what you have or haven’t done, you are beloved and fully accepted by the Holy Trinity.  

In our humanity we always want or desire to make ourselves righteous. It is just such a source of pride in humanity.  I understand this because for years this is the way I had lived.  This is where God truly wants humility.  It seems so difficult not only for unbelievers but for believers in Jesus to understand this.  We need to acknowledge the facts:





According to Paul, we can only freely receive these things from Father God who made the way through His Only Son, Jesus Christ.  It is a FREE GIFT.  I submit to you the containers Paul speaks about In chapter 2:20-26 was to help Timothy realize that there are different vessels in the house of God and to make sure Timothy sees this clearly, understands this and makes sure the true gospel gets passed on to trustworthy people.  Paul talks about these containers in 1 Corinthians also.  In verse 8 of chapter 5 Paul mentions something that we must look at to understand what he was saying to Timothy: 

“Therefore let us keep the feast, not with old leaven, nor with the leaven of malice and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.”

The old leaven is the law.  The leaven of malice and wickedness is the world and the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth is the New Covenant.

See Paul was warning Timothy that these different containers would all be present in the “Church” and to look for the honorable containers to entrust the message to.  Giving credence to those that taught the truth just as he has done.

When I better understood the history, I could better understand the wording of the letter. I began to see that this letter is not so much about what I have to do to attain more from the Lord; but much more about believing what God, through His Son Jesus, has already done for me.  I believe this letter is just reinforcing to Timothy what Paul has always taught: Jesus Christ, the Passover Lamb has already done it all for us…all we have to do is Simply Believe (Faith).

I encourage you whenever you go to read the Word of God to start at the right starting point…which is:

God Loves me

Jesus died for all of my sins

I am fully forgiven

I am righteous in Jesus

I am a new creation in Jesus

I have a free will choice to choose to believe Who God and Jesus is

The Holy Spirit (all of God) lives in me when I choose to believe

God never leaves me nor forsakes me

If we look at 2 Timothy with these eyes, we can see it is all about faith, grace and understand we can not in and of ourselves make ourselves a clean container but that through focusing on Jesus, through our belief in Who He is and ALL that He has accomplished on the Cross we are the clean or an honorable container. As believers we need to stop trying to put a new garment on an old one…it doesn’t fit-the New Covenant message of Grace is not a patch for the Old Covenant of Law— just put on the whole new garment of Grace given freely and completely to you by Jesus.  Through all scripture—ALL—-you can see the truth of Jesus.

It is time for Jesus,
not man,
to be high and lifted up
and He will draw
all men unto Himself.

So now go and read 2 Timothy with new, fresh eyes and let’s stand and make a change back to the true gospel of Jesus Christ.  We no longer want the old leaven of the law, nor the feast of malice or wickedness (the world).  What we want is the New covenant, unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.  Truth that Jesus took all your sins, it is finished, you are whole (even if you don’t look it or act like it, remember glory to glory) and you are obedient right where you are at.  A good friend said something so profound and I want to share it here.  She said, “I gave 100% of what I had at that time.”  This is how I see believers going from glory to glory now.  I can’t yet give what I don’t understand I have just yet.  But I am fully reliant on the Giver and the Giver knows my heart.

New Wine

It Truly Can’t Get Any Better

Such an important truth revealed, just in time for Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday…..Enjoy

Have you ever been afraid of what Jesus said in Matthew 7:21-23: “Not everyone that says to Me, Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven.”,  I sure have!!!!  We will get to that soon but first we must clarify some things……

What is the law for?  I have been taught many different things i.e. : It is there to keep us safe.  It is there so we know how to “act” as Christians.  It is there to point out how Holy God is and how unholy we are.  It is there to give us a framework for our behavior.  It is what we have to do to secure our salvation….what a minute…..WHAT?!?!  This in so many ways is what is taught to the church (ekklésia the body of Christ).  Behavior is what keeps you going to heaven.  Here are some examples, DO NOT: lie, cheat, talk bad about people, listen to certain music, read certain books, be around certain people (because they are doing “wrong things”), don’t drink wine or any alcohol, don’t gamble, don’t dance, don’t wear pants….I mean the list could go on.  The Law in the Old Testament was given to Moses, not Abraham.  Abraham believed God and that is where he received his righteousness, a gift from God.  The Mesopotamian’s had their own law known as the Code of Hammurabi which predates the Law given to Moses by around 300 years or more.  The Code of Hammurabi has many similarities to the Law given at Mt. Sinai.  Why?

Paul also talks about the law in Romans 2 and here from a biblical scholar we have a huge answer about the law. Let’s read from the Message version:

“If you go against the grain, you get splinters, regardless of which neighborhood you’re from, what your parents taught you, what schools you attended. But if you embrace the way God does things, there are wonderful payoffs, again without regard to where you are from or how you were brought up. Being a Jew won’t give you an automatic stamp of approval. God pays no attention to what others say (or what you think) about you. He makes up his own mind.

If you sin without knowing what you’re doing, God takes that into account. But if you sin knowing full well what you’re doing, that’s a different story entirely. Merely hearing God’s law is a waste of your time if you don’t do what he commands. Doing, not hearing, is what makes the difference with God.

When outsiders who have never heard of God’s law follow it more or less by instinct, they confirm its truth by their obedience. They show that God’s law is not something alien, imposed on us from without, but woven into the very fabric of our creation. There is something deep within them that echoes God’s yes and no, right and wrong. Their response to God’s yes and no will become public knowledge on the day God makes his final decision about every man and woman. The Message from God that I proclaim through Jesus Christ takes into account all these differences.” Romans‬ ‭2:9-16‬ ‭MSG‬‬

And to save on space….(so I encourage you to go and read all of Romans)…..Here is a little more:

“Circumcision, the surgical ritual that marks you as a Jew, is great if you live in accord with God’s law. But if you don’t, it’s worse than not being circumcised. The reverse is also true: The uncircumcised who keep God’s ways are as good as the circumcised—in fact, better. Better to keep God’s law uncircumcised than break it circumcised. Don’t you see: It’s not the cut of a knife that makes a Jew. You become a Jew by who you are. It’s the mark of God on your heart, not of a knife on your skin, that makes a Jew. And recognition comes from God, not legalistic critics.” ‭ ‭Romans 2:25-29‬ ‭


“So where does that put us? Do we Jews get a better break than the others? Not really. Basically, all of us, whether insiders or outsiders, start out in identical conditions, which is to say that we all start out as sinners. Scripture leaves no doubt about it: There’s nobody living right, not even one, nobody who knows the score, nobody alert for God. They’ve all taken the wrong turn; they’ve all wandered down blind alleys. No one’s living right; I can’t find a single one. Their throats are gaping graves, their tongues slick as mudslides. Every word they speak is tinged with poison. They open their mouths and pollute the air. They race for the honor of sinner-of-the-year, litter the land with heartbreak and ruin, Don’t know the first thing about living with others. They never give God the time of day. This makes it clear, doesn’t it, that whatever is written in these Scriptures is not what God says about others but to us to whom these Scriptures were addressed in the first place! And it’s clear enough, isn’t it, that we’re sinners, every one of us, in the same sinking boat with everybody else? Our involvement with God’s revelation doesn’t put us right with God. What it does is force us to face our complicity in everyone else’s sin.” ‭‭Romans‬ ‭3:9-20‬ ‭MSG‬‬

It sounds like there were Jews judging non-Jews saying that they are all fine and good because they were given the Law and are circumcised; not realizing that they also need a propitiation for themselves just as much as the non-Jew.  But why?  They followed the law and yet still sinned.  Remember the rich man who followed the law complicity until he was asked to give all he had to the poor and follow Jesus.  He couldn’t do it.  We all have our places where we fail to follow the law. Paul was making it very clear the law nor their personal behavior could ever make them righteous; because there would always be an area of failure in every single person’s life no matter if they are Jewish or not. Circumcised or not. Taught the commandments or not.  We all fall short of the glory of God. The law is put in our conscience from the beginning of conception.  It is written in the fabric of our being because of Adam and Eve.  When they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil it was implanted in them and as we are born from the seed of Adam we also have the understanding of good and evil in each of us. The Law comes from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  Pure and simple.  Otherwise how could Hammurabi come up with some of the same laws 300+ years before Moses wrote them down for the Israelites?

Paul makes it clear that we all have a conscience that has been written on what is right and what is wrong.  That is why you would see the uncircumcised following the law without ever hearing of the law. The Law just makes known that we know what is right and wrong and we, in and of our own selves, can NEVER do what is right and avoid what is wrong 100% of the time.  Nor has God EVER BELIEVED we COULD!!!!  That is why He had to set things right.  Here is the scripture:

But in our time something new has been added. What Moses and the prophets witnessed to all those years has happened. The God-setting-things-right that we read about has become Jesus-setting-things-right for us. And not only for us, but for everyone who believes in him. For there is no difference between us and them in this. Since we’ve compiled this long and sorry record as sinners (both us and them) and proved that we are utterly incapable of living the glorious lives God wills for us, God did it for us. Out of sheer generosity he put us in right standing with himself. A pure gift. He got us out of the mess we’re in and restored us to where he always wanted us to be. And he did it by means of Jesus Christ. Romans 3:21-24

Okay, the question I have today to some of the church leadership around the world is the same question Paul asked the Galatians in chapter 3 of his letter to them:

You crazy Galatians! Did someone put a hex on you? Have you taken leave of your senses? Something crazy has happened, for it’s obvious that you no longer have the crucified Jesus in clear focus in your lives. His sacrifice on the cross was certainly set before you clearly enough.

Let me put this question to you: How did your new life begin? Was it by working your heads off to please God? Or was it by responding to God’s Message to you? Are you going to continue this craziness? For only crazy people would think they could complete by their own efforts what was begun by God. If you weren’t smart enough or strong enough to begin it, how do you suppose you could perfect it? Did you go through this whole painful learning process for nothing? It is not yet a total loss, but it certainly will be if you keep this up!

Selah (Hebrew for lift up,exalt or pause) Please pause and think about the above statement Paul made.

The Galatians, like many Christians today, were trying to perfect what God had already IMG_2795done.  They were “working their heads off to please God?”  Remember the list above I had made of the do’s and don’ts?  Those things are common sense things.  Some are just rules that are said to “keep us safe”.  But, in the end all of these “things” will not cause God to be pleased or not pleased with us.  What we need to understand is that God was pleased to give His only Son on our behalf, to set things right for us.  He pleased Himself with what He did for us.  The Galatians were so caught up with themselves and pleasing God with their behavior they forgot what Jesus said to the crowd at the sermon on the Mount:

“Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter.  Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’  And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness.’ Matthew 7:21-23 NASB

I don’t know about you, but for me this verse has scared the daylights out of me.  I was so scared that I would do something wrong and then when I am ready to enter the kingdom of heaven Jesus would look at me and say, “I knew you not, depart from Me.”.  I believed this was based on behavior.  I could think of the lawless deeds I have done since becoming a Christian and what if I missed one that I didn’t say sorry for….WHAT THEN!?!?!?!???!!!!  I AM DOOMED!!!! AND MIGHT AS WELL STOP TRYING…..because I could never fully live up to the law.  Until, I understood I am righteous in CHRIST JESUS and I will never negate what He FULLY FINISHED at the Cross for me.  And this Scripture above proves that.  Let’s look at the Greek meanings from the above scripture in Matthew:

  • will=theléma= properly, a desire (wish), often referring to God’s “preferred-will”, i.e.: His “best offer” to people which can be accepted or rejected.
  • do=poieó=With nouns which denote to carry out, to execute; as, in Classical Greek to make a law of legislators; but in Biblical Greek to do the law to meet its demands-the things which the law commands.
  • lawlessness=anomia=NOT law; properly without law i.e. : (“lawlessness”) includes the end-impact of law breaking– i.e. its negative influence on a person’s soul (status before God).

First, what is His BEST OFFER?  Of course that is Jesus, Who He is and what He has done for the whole world.  That is God’s “best offer”….remember Paul said the crucified Jesus is where God set things right for us.

Second, do the things the law commands.  What are the commands of the New Covenant? According to 1 John 3:23, it is: This is His commandment, that we believe in the name of His Son Jesus Christ, and love one another*, just as He commanded us. The one who keeps His commandments abides in Him, and He in him. We know by this that He abides in us, by the Spirit whom He has given us.” (*loving one another is the Law of Liberty talked about in James chapter 2, which I will discuss in another blog.)

Third, lawlessness here in scripture is pointing to a person’s soul and it’s status before God.  When we confess with our mouth Jesus is Lord and trust in your heart that God raised Him from the dead you will be delivered, made righteous in Him and be justified before God. (Romans 10:9-10, 2 Corinthians 5:21, Romans 5:1 and many others).  This means your soul’s status is clear before God because of what Jesus did for us (propitiation).

It is time for the true Message to go forth once again.  Full circle to what was originally taught by the apostles.  The Message of exactly what Jesus Christ did on the Cross and in His Resurrection.  ALL of what He accomplished at the Cross when He said, “It is Finished!”  For our faith to be in Him not in our behavior.  It is time for the church to let go of teaching behavior and simply teach JESUS. It is simple trust that sets you right with God not your behavior. Keep the faith in what He did for you which FULLY assures your soul that it’s status before God is pure…not because of what you did but ONLY because of what He did for you.

It is all about: Knowing Whose you are and who you are.

We Stand In the New Covenant

We have all been hurt and may have been told to forgive, “let it go”, move on, you haven’t forgiven, forgiveness is for you not the other person, and just say you forgive and all is good now. I think we have meant well when we have said these things but I don’t think we fully understand how forgiveness actually needs to occur. I now believe there is a process in forgiving or better yet a process to healing when someone has hurt you, when these hurtful circumstances are still on going, when someone refuses to admit they were wrong and apologize, or maybe they have apologized and you still can’t seem to move past it. As I have pondered this subject with the Lord, He has led me personally to John 20:23.

It is imperative for us to begin at the right starting point. I want to begin with the correct understanding of God in regards to forgiveness. So, I must start with something that I had misunderstood and I believe many in the church community may misunderstand. I was taught over the years of my Christian walk and have many times, in the past, used the scripture found in Matthew 6:14-15:  if you do not forgive you will not be forgiven by your Father in Heaven- to convince myself and others we needed to forgive someone. It was not a choice it was mandatory otherwise God couldn’t or wouldn’t forgive me the next time I failed. I was literally so afraid. I saw God as this big mean punisher ever expecting me to fail and then laughing at me for failing. I didn’t say this is how I saw Him but in the very belief system, my core values created this outlook of Him. Not only did I believe this but I made sure to let other people believe this. God had to show me what I said about Him and what I really believed didn’t line up together. Last year when God took me away for three days in a row this subject came up between He and I. I was questioning Him and He most certainly was answering. He told me I had the wrong perception of this scripture and I was shocked. I wanted to understand and He told me it was necessary to read scripture with the understanding: is it stated before or after the Cross. This statement was made by Him before He went to the Cross. What I came to realize is really just how much the Cross changed things and brought those that choose Jesus as their Lord and Savior into a New Covenant with Him. It doesn’t make this statement any less true, but it does make it impossible. Impossible you might say. Yes, truly impossible on my own. Truly impossible for us to be able to keep the law-which was the purpose of the law. Let me explain….Maybe it is just me, but I am pretty sure since I am human there are many others that might have run into the same circumstances….

Many years ago while my husband and I were dating, he had made a promise to me. This promise was one he did not or could not keep. Many of us have made this mistake. He had been sincere at heart with the promise and the reasons why he couldn’t or didn’t are so many and varied; yet it caused a rift in our relationship to the point where we broke off our dating relationship. One year later we saw one another again, started to talk and eleven months later we were married. This broken promise and the hurt that occurred after though was impacting our marriage because of me. I said I had forgiven him and he had asked for forgiveness but still there was a deep part in me that would not trust him completely. He worked hard at regaining my trust and I wanted to trust him and yes I know that forgiveness is one thing and trust is another….but I believe both take something Divine….Okay back to my story…I forgave every time I felt like I wasn’t trusting or was scared to trust. I forgave every time this situation came up in my memory. I got really good at saying I forgive again, and again, and again. Yet, it still came forward. I told God and myself, I don’t want to live the rest of my life like this and yet it lingered and impacted my marriage and my family. I struggled to open my heart and love freely. People had taught me to just say you forgive and it is done yet my heart was saying something entirely different. I was so frustrated with my lack or inability to let this go.

I want to pause my story there for a moment and look at the importance of John Chapter 20 and what the Lord revealed to me there. When I had written Conviction vs. Condemnation I had stated how important the Holy Spirit was and is. I think for many people we know the Holy Spirit came down at Pentecost like tongues of fire and the disciples spoke in many tongues. Many of us may forget what Jesus did when He first showed Himself to His disciples before the tongues of fire at Pentecost. Here let’s read:

So when it was evening on that day, the first day of the week, and when the doors were shut where the disciples were, for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood in their midst and said to them, “Peace be with you.” And when He had said this, He showed them both His hands and His side. The disciples then rejoiced when they saw the Lord. So Jesus said to them again, “Peace be with you; as the Father has sent Me, I also send you.” And when He had said this, He breathed on them and said to them, “Receive the Holy Spirit. “If you forgive the sins of any, their sins have been forgiven them; if you retain the sins of any, they have been retained.” (John 20:19-23 NASB)

This is the same day Jesus rose from the dead; saw Mary Magdalene; ascended to His Father and our Father; and then came to His disciples. He speaks to them, “Peace be with you”. Yet, it was necessary for Him to show His hands and His side and then they knew Who He was and He again said Peace be with you and then reminded them their purpose had not changed from when He was on earth with them; but realize first He gave them peace (God’s gift of wholeness-to understand the fuller definition click here: How Much Do You Trust God?) then the purpose was given. The next thing He did was to breath on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” He filled them with life. This reminds me of when God, in Genesis, breathed the breath of life into Adam and Adam lived. Next Jesus states if you forgive the sins of any they are forgiven and if you retain they are retained. Wow…why that statement???  What I do need to clarify with the verb usage in this sentence is the first use of both forgive and retain are subjunctive mood verbs and the second set are indicative mood. This means the first shows a wish or a doubt where the second states a fact or asks a question. This does show the truth of the matter for ourselves personally and I believe answered a question battering around the disciples heads at that moment. Forgiveness was a large topic. The disciples asked how many times they should forgive. Jesus went and forgave people of their sins. I really think at this time the disciples wanted to be forgiven for abandoning Jesus, remember Peter said he would never abandon Jesus. They were mad at themselves and probably mad at all the people that had turned against Jesus and called out for Him to be crucified. They were probably mad at the religious elite and the government for their choice to have Jesus crucified. They may have even been mad at Jesus for leaving….And remember….Jesus had said forgive so that your Father in Heaven can forgive you…..uh oh!!! Can we do this as completely as He said we should. Will we ever know if we have done it well enough?!?!?!! OH NO!!!! First though He does something amazing He spoke peace (God’s wholeness) and then breathed the Holy Spirit into them…then He spoke about the topic of forgiveness– because Jesus always goes to the matter at hand, always in every situation we read in scripture. He knows what the disciples are in need of. Jesus knew and I am pretty sure by now the disciples also knew there was no way they could ever forgive on their own. This had been three days of hell on earth for them and Jesus knew they needed healing and they needed power that only He could give them so they could accomplish their mission. I really believe by know the disciples knew that to. They had come to the end of themselves after all that had happened the last three days. This is the New Covenant. Jesus came to them, they received Him for Who He is, they were made whole and filled with the Holy Spirit and then they are given choices knowing they have the very power they need within them to choose. So simple, yet so huge!

Now back to my story…See I had been doing this process all backwards. People had taught me, forgive, move forward then God would heal me and then I could move forward. But it was not working and I was frustrated. I don’t know if you noticed but there were a lot of “I” statements abounding in the process I had been taught as a Christian. I finally got to the end of myself. I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t get it right and I was only frustrated and feeling unable to love anyone, even myself. I felt in a pickle. It wasn’t just from the one promise broken but I believe from many hurts over my life that had piled up and I would just choose to forgive and then God could/would heal me. But see we now live in the New Covenant, no longer in the Old Covenant.

In the Old Covenant it was “when I do the requirements then God will”. In the New Covenant it is “God has, is and will do in abundance and only through the power of the Holy Spirit living in me and through me can I then do”.

This truth was realized one morning, over a year ago, as I had come to the end of myself forgiving, forgiving, and forgiving. One morning I was telling Him–I want to love not because I have to but because I want to. Abba, Help me to love in all things You call me to. Then I heard a creaking noise and I asked what is that?? Immediately, I was in colorless forest with a still lake, it looked and felt like only one dimension. In this area was a door in the opening of a cave. It had rusty hinges and I was trying to open this door but I couldn’t. I simply turned to Jesus (who was smiling at me) and asked Him to help me. He came and helped me open the door. We walked through the door into what looked like a dark cave. Yet, Jesus lit up the whole cave and it was glittery inside-beautiful jewel like crystals on the walls and ceiling all different colors with Jesus lighting it up. I knew that what was inside this cave belonged outside in the forest and I said I don’t know how to get this out there, how can I get all of this out there, it needs to be out there. So, again I simply askedimg_0774 Jesus to help me and BOOM it exploded out into the black and white, one dimensional place inside me and I heard Him say, “No more hiding!”. My heart instantly felt alive and I knew He had healed me from years of pain. I knew forgiveness had occurred and years of pain were gone. In this experience I cried out for help. I knew I couldn’t open the door, I couldn’t get the color back on the outside, I couldn’t forgive, I couldn’t do anything in my own strength. But Jesus He did it all. It wasn’t the backwards way of I forgive then God…It was God did it all and then on top of doing it all He gives me the ability, strength and all that I need to choose what a daughter of the Most High God would naturally do. We can not get this backwards because it only backfires. In the New Covenant, just like when He first comes on the scene with His disciples, first Jesus does it all and we have a choice. Remember it is subjunctive mood first–if we wish or desire to forgive or retain then indicative mood second–surely as a fact the hurt will be released or held on to.

I simply live out of Him which is who I really am. A new creation in Christ Jesus. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

So, to finish my story….the healing that Jesus did led to my ability to forgive or send it away, gave me the ability to trust again and love. None of my ability though was in and of myself but only through the power of the Holy Spirit. That is what makes me a new creation with the ability to act or become like a daughter of the Most High God. I was finally able to move forward and what happened in the past did not rear it’s ugly head again and again like it had before…it was finished. So much so that I can’t even remember exactly what the promise was, in the sense that before I could remember word for word what the promise was and now I can’t. Only God can do something like that, not me.

As of late, I have been given the opportunity to forgive those that have hurt me, my family and my friends. I have learned to process with friends and ask God to heal me and help me to forgive. These opportunities are situations where there has been no reconciliation, no asking for forgiveness for the hurts said and done. So there is hope here too for those that may have similar circumstances. I have asked the Lord to help me love what is in front of me and for me to be able to do that, I have to go to Him and acknowledge I can’t heal myself nor can I forgive in my own strength. Sure these things have made me angry some things more than others. Yet, I do not want to retain these things. Retaining means living in the past not the present. I know what this feels like because for years I was trying in my own strength to forgive and then hoping God would heal me. But once I started at the right starting point which is knowing I fully stand in the New Covenant, God loves me no matter what, He has already forgiven me and He has wiped my slate clean; then it becomes very easy to go to Him and receive the abundance that His Son paid dearly for. I stopped relying on my strength and ability and came to Him for everything. What I do now is ask for His healing, know He is a just God, trust Him and move forward. Does this mean I trust these people? Of course not. When there is no desire for restoration or it is not a safe situation for restoration you do your part because it is imperative for me to go to God for healing and the ability to forgive and trust Him because I desire to love what is in front of me in the here and now. Is this my ability or strength to do any of this. Definitely not! It is the Holy Spirit working in me and through me to touch this world with the Kingdom of God. Am I perfect at this, certainly not…but I am going from glory to glory….much like Paul says in Galatians 2:15-18 when he confronts Peter:

“We Jews know that we have no advantage of birth over “non-Jewish sinners.” We know very well that we are not set right with God by rule-keeping but only through personal faith in Jesus Christ. How do we know? We tried it—and we had the best system of rules the world has ever seen! Convinced that no human being can please God by self-improvement, we believed in Jesus as the Messiah so that we might be set right before God by trusting in the Messiah, not by trying to be good. Have some of you noticed that we are not yet perfect? (No great surprise, right?) And are you ready to make the accusation that since people like me, who go through Christ in order to get things right with God, aren’t perfectly virtuous, Christ must therefore be an accessory to sin? The accusation is frivolous. If I was “trying to be good,” I would be rebuilding the same old barn that I tore down. I would be acting as a charlatan.”(MSG)

‭‭The New Covenant is the first thing Jesus performed or enacted on this earth when He returned from ascending to His Father-our Father. He not only spoke it, He did it. In the New Covenant God took care of everything for us through His dearly loved Son’s obedience. This is where, as believers in Who Jesus Christ is, stand, solidly, firmly, freely, equipped and dearly loved by our Father in Heaven. I am so very thankful! 💜💜💜💜


Just Be My Child

I think as Christians, we start out believing in the Cross and all that was done there by the Christ, the Son of God. I believe we start out understanding the Gospel Of Grace, knowing all of our sins have been forgiven, but then we can forget…most likely because our flesh has always felt a need to be in control and the enemy wants us to believe he is so powerful and undefeated. The Israelites said they could do all that was required in their own power back at Mount Sinai; and Adam and Eve wanted to be like God (Satan blinding them) forgetting they were already made in God’s image. We somehow think we can, as the Nike commercial says, JUST DO IT! Here is what Paul told the Galatians, who had seen it all- born again, receiving the Holy Spirit, and miracles:

  • “You foolish Galatians, who has bewitched you, before whose eyes Jesus Christ was publicly portrayed as crucified? This is the only thing I want to find out from you: did you receive the Spirit by the works of the Law, or by hearing with faith? Are you so foolish? Having begun by the Spirit, are you now being perfected by the flesh? Did you suffer so many things in vain-if indeed it was in vain? So then, does He who provides you with the Spirit and works miracles among you, do it by the works of the Law, or by hearing with faith?” ‭‭Galatians‬ ‭3:1-5‬ ‭NASB‬‬

I really want to go back to something so simple, child like-child like faith-yet I believe many believers are not walking in this understanding because the enemy has veiled what happened at the Cross and in the Resurrection. Recently the Lord has been changing the way I see His kingdom in huge ways. Why? Because I had asked to see Him as He sees me and He answers this because it is what He desires too.

A week ago, the Lord gave me a vision that helped me understand something I wanted deeper revelation about. It was the Power of the Cross and the Power of His Resurrection. Let me back up a little. You need to know that deliverance has been something I have found myself involved in many times. I love seeing lies exposed and people set free in the truth of Jesus. In this walk sometimes you learn by fire or at least I have. I have watched and worked with others who learned by being thrust into difficult situations. I bring this to the forefront to say that it is really imperative that you know who you are and Whose you are in these situations. There is so much fear in the Body of Christ regarding deliverance and I think it stems from not being sure of Who you are in Christ and so that is part of why I am sharing this. I also believe that in future times we will need to have this understanding. We need to know who we are and Whose we are as we walk in these times.

So with no further ado….

The Lord was telling and showing me this so I am hoping I will be able to articulate it. I amasking the Lord to reveal it to every person who reads this. The Cross is where the enemy, Satan, was defeated. It is where the Just, “Jesus”, was the sacrifice for the unjust, “us”. He took all of our sins, condemnation, disease, upon Himself and gave us His holiness, redemption, cleanliness, sonship/daughtership, beauty, love, righteousness, sinlessness. (Romans 5:12-21, Romans 6:6, Isaiah 53)  A simple yet profound truth.

Me in the Cross and the Resurrection of Christ
Me in the Cross and the Resurrection of Christ
What the Lord showed me is how we, as Christians, walk in the Cross and walk in His resurrection power. I saw a person with the Cross running through her and His Resurrection Light all around and through her (see picture). We literally encompass both as we walk in this world.

I believe many of us have been taught ways to engage or fight the enemy and the Lord is telling me that we need to Just keep our eyes on Him and what He has already done. God wants us to know who we are in Him: a representation of Him walking on the earth, a representation of ALL that He did at the Cross and in the Resurrection which is the real reminder to the enemy of what happened there. When we walk in this simple assurance then we know who we are in Christ, we must keep our eyes on Christ who is bigger. Remember, He said every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. We are walking out His calling in this dark world to be the light. When we walk this way every demon will flee and will have no power over us. We can walk in every situation, that He calls us to, fully knowing it is not us who accomplishes this but it is ALL Him. We are the walking testimony of what Christ did on the Cross and in the Resurrection. (Revelation 1:9 and 12:11). I walk in the reality of the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony; which is what Christ did for me at the Cross. This means I am walking In the fact that the enemy is already defeated. I in no way can take any credit except that my faith is in Jesus, which again points to Him, not me, because He drew me to Himself and gave me the ability to say yes to Him, Wow!! Us walking in the understanding of who we are and Whose we are proclaims the defeat that already happened to the enemy through Christ. We are the walking proclaimation of the cross, IT IS FINISHED!

I entitled this blog, Just Be My Child because I was talking to my good friend, Melanie Prinz. She is an amazing mom and is much like Jesus because she is walking out the understanding of who she is and Whose she is, going from glory to glory. She is the kind of mom I desire to become as I grow with my kids. Her children are a little older than mine and I have been her friend for nearly years. She is amazing to me and even now as I try to relate her heart, I begin to have tears well up in my eyes with the beauty of how she exemplifies Christ’s heart. Here is what she said:

  • My kids, all of them (because some are married now and those are her kids too), know at any time they can come into my house and whatever they need they know they can have. If they need to borrow my clothes, eat my food, need vitamins or essential oils, no matter what it is, they can come and get it.  Just be my kids. This is exactly what the Lord says- just be My child. Whatever you need just come without fear. He just wants us to know we are His child, His beloved child, open arms, open door, open heart. Some of us understand this -just being His children and some of us don’t yet fully understand this and are hesitant to just be His child.

We are representatives of what Christ did. He fully stepped in and took all the negative and left us with only positive- so we literally walk in the Cross and the Resurrection-in ALL that He did. The Power of what He accomplished lives in us and through us and every demon can not stand us knowing who we are in Christ. They have to bow their knee to Christ. That is the key to wining warfare….Just Be My Child….knowing who you are, Whose you are and receiving ALL of the benefit of Just being His child.