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If you have journeyed with me on this blog you will know I believe: It all  begins and ends in Jesus. All you have to do is read John 1. This is and was the great plan of a loving Father to His creation: to give His own Son for a ransom, a payment, a… Continue reading THE CHOICE

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One of the things I tried to teach my children was to appreciate their strengths all the while appreciating others strengths. I could use several examples of this here. Yet, this is the best one that will simply explain what I mean and why. When they were little we would go shopping at Costco. At… Continue reading Impartation???

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Simon of Cyrene

A few months ago, before Christmas, I woke up and heard "Simon of Cyrene". I went and read the short account of what had happened to him. Usually this means the Lord wants to show me something. Next, I felt the Lord wanted me to watch The Passion of the Christ. I hadn't watched this… Continue reading Simon of Cyrene