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The Kingdom of Heaven is Like…

I had made a meme…A Little of What… .  This had been part of something the Lord had been telling me:  "You are the pearl, be the pearl. You are the treasure, be the treasure. You are the coin, be the coin."  One of the things I would have believed or interpreted from this statement in the past, because my view of God was off, is this:

"Darlene, shape up because you aren't behaving like you are one of My children."

Yet, this isn't what God was saying to me at all.  What He is saying is:

  • You are pure; because My Son made you pure.IMG_1590
  • You are priceless; because you are you created by Me.
  • I will keep running after you; because you are so very beloved by Me.

When you believe you are pure, priceless and beloved by a Father in heaven it changes you.  You can't help but be changed.  Your whole mind shifts from a place of fear to a place faith.  When we start to understand the fullness of what Christ did for us on the Cross: how fully forgiven we are, how beautiful and priceless we are, how greatly loved we are this in and of itself changes our perspective of ourselves and others.  This alone is huge.  Yet then God gives His gift the Holy Spirit, Himself to live within us.  The closest we can get to Him this side of Heaven and that is amazing love.

Whose you are
Who you are

It isn't about your or my behavior when He says, "Be the pearl".  It is all about seeing yourself as or believing you are the pearl, treasure and coin. This is called: "faith in what He did for you".  That is the Kingdom of Heaven….be the pearl.

Matthew 13:44-45, Luke 15:8-10

A Little of What…

The Lord has been speaking to me….

God Is Bigger Than The Boogeyman?

Of course we should all answer a resounding, YES! This is like a no-brainier for most/all Christians. Yet, I have talked about how our real beliefs, our core values are played out in our actions not by our words in my blog posts- We Stand In the New CovenantDon’t Touch God’s Annointed, and Core values and Grace. Too many times we say we believe something and our actions show otherwise. The core value about whether or not we really, truly believe Jesus conquered the enemy is played out in our lives, our actions. Here let me give you a real life example: my family and I were at a grocery store (and this isn’t the first time this has happened, nor do I doubt it will be the last time) and a woman that attended the church that I talk about in Ummmm…Is That An Elephant in the Room?!?!? and People Don’t Like Letting the Elephant Out, Questions Answered was there also. My son ran into her and she at least said hi this time, my son didn’t give her an option as he stood right in front of her and said hi first, (yes there have been people who have looked my boys in their face and turned their heel without a word and walked away from them even after knowing them for years) but the level of anxiety was so high, the level of fear was so high for her that when she got to her car we watched her as she went to put her shopping cart away when all of a sudden she saw all of us, did a circle in the parking lot with her cart, came back to her car, and left her basket by her car door, then quickly jumped in her car. Now many of you may be thinking oh, okay…and….????

But the reality is this hasn’t been the first time we experienced this same reaction from others from this same church. I want to make it clear that this is sad…but truly we have learned to laugh at it. Not to be callous; but because we see it for what it really is and laughter is good medicine. While some of the people, who called us friends at one time during our nine years at this church, we have not yet seen in public, but they have dropped us as friends and all connections have ceased. At first I tried reaching out to a few and those simply never replied back. So you just stop trying. But what I want to get to here is a belief system that led to this behavior in the first place. It has been taught and instilled in many of the people from this church and possibly others have experienced the same treatment at the hands of a church leadership. In my case the church leadership needed to shut me up, you would have to ask them specifically why because I don’t truly know exactly why…I only have ideas of why. So they used fear as their tactic and led them to talk about me, to keep people away from me, by saying I am “filled with demons” and if they come close to me or my family, have relationship with us or are even our Facebook friends these demons will jump on them, create more demonic warfare for them, the demons will attack their children, they will soon fall away from God and so on.

The belief that the enemy is bigger is acted out; yet with their own words they say “God is bigger”. Remember in my previous posts I have shown that people learn more quickly by actions not words. This false belief system within the Christian community needs to stop. Now before I make the following statement I want you to clearly hear wisdom needs to be listened to. God gave us wisdom and the Holy Spirit. Let me give an example: you are a woman like me and you think it is okay to walk down a dark alley by yourself at night….ummm wisdom says not smart. So use wisdom when going places, reading things, etc. But know this, reading a particular book, going to a certain movie, going in a certain coffee shop will not make you lose your salvation. See God is bigger than all that. Now wisdom, Holy Spirit, will tell you hey this book, movie etc isn’t one that may help you, but it could be okay for another person and about coffee shops I can’t drink the coffee at a certain one because it hurts my stomach…it’s the bean they use. Does that mean I can’t go…no I just pick something else if that place is my only option. 😉 Yet I have found a pervasive belief in some Christian circles that somehow if you go somewhere you are spiritually dirty, or heaven forbid someone touch you that the “pastors” consider “spiritually dirty” because then you will be “tormented all night” or possibly become “infected” etc…..needs to be seen for what it really is-Controlling a group of people with FEAR.


This false belief system causes Christians to fear going places, seeing people, touching people-who probably need a touch and has brought divisiveness within friendships and sadly families too. There should be no reason anyone from that church should be afraid to talk to me or my family nor the friends that left for their own reasons…many because they were not willing to be scared into not talking to me. I know this sounds crazy. And if I hadn’t lived it, it would be hard to believe. Yet, it has and is still going on today.

But, I desire to get to the root of this wrong belief system, pull it up and out and replace it with the truth. We can say God is bigger than the boogeyman; but do we really believe it. For a long time I lived in the fear I was describing above. Fear to go places, touch some people, or let them touch me. If they did touch me then I had to spiritually “wash off”. What bondage to fear. I am so grateful for GRACE and God’s revelation to me.

You need to understand, I have dealt with the demonic and it probably would have been better if I hadn’t read books or listened to others teach me how to help people get free from the demonic. I didn’t fear helping people get free from demonic influence. There were many times I was called to help in situations or would simply be at the right place at the right time to help someone. Yet, this false belief system began to make me question just how big God is. And that became a problem. I found once this fear had a place in my belief system, that is when I myself gave wiggle room for the enemy to bug me more or harass me. Since my belief system has been set right, there is simply zero tolerance now when it comes to the demonic. So what changed for me and what needs to change for Christians like me?? It is simple-start at the right starting point–belief of Who Christ is, who you are in Him and Whose you are.

Here is what changed: I believe that Jesus Christ died for me, He paid the price for all of my sin for all time, and I am beloved by Him and His Father. I am the daughter of the Most High God, not because of anything I did but ONLY because of what Christ did for me, that I could never do. Starting there at the right starting point will easily flow right into the fact the enemy has lost, he has no right in me or around me, anything he tries to whisper and accuse me of I say back the truth – I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus (Romans 3:22, 1 Corinthians 1:30, 2 Corinthians 5:21, Philippians 1:11 & 3:9, Galatians 2:21). I never stand in my own goodness or badness–I only stand in Christ. I know who I am and Whose I am to the very core of me. In wisdom, anywhere I go with Him I am covered, protected and loved. I can touch everyone, have relationship, and talk to anyone and I will leave the mark of Christ’s love because He lives in and through me. I change the very atmosphere of anywhere I step my foot. See I know all this because I know of the deep cost Christ paid for me and I know Who lives in me because He choose me first and I said yes! I know God is bigger than any boogeyman. I just don’t say it…I know it to the depths of my being and I walk it out daily with Him.

I truly just want freedom for those still bound in fear. I truly want freedom for all those that are afraid to be near me. If you believe God is bigger, then even if I was filled with demons you should have no problem being near me. And if, if you truly love me and you say you are a Christian and you truly believe I have demons in me than you should be the first one in line to help me. This is exactly what one of my friends said to this line of thinking when it was presented to her to “let go” of our friendship. She said if this is true about her, when I leave work today I am going over to her house and that demon is going to be gone. See right there is the truth. Right there is the knowledge, the core value that God is bigger than anything. The ability of knowing who you are in Christ and Whose you are walked out in your actions.  What are your actions saying about your beliefs?

“Behold, I am sending you out like sheep in the midst of wolves; be wary and wise as serpents, and be innocent (harmless, guileless, and without falsity) as doves. [Gen. 3:1.]” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭10:16‬ ‭AMP

Do I Have Faith As Small As a Mustard Seed?!?

IMG_0563I have read and been taught…without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6). This scripture has made me afraid that I had to somehow muster enough faith to please God. How do I do this, how does this work if I can just believe enough then I will please Him. I also felt I had to muster enough faith to see miracles. Then, thankfully, God changed the way I saw things which means I repented (saw things differently-saw it God’s way).

This scripture lands in the beginning of the “faith chapter”. Boom!  I want to go back to something the Lord showed me in December of 2014 and He has been building on since. On December 10th last year the Lord wanted me to understand faith. The definition of faith is:

  • believe, trusts in, clings to, relies on.

What I discovered, as I went back to the Greek meanings and how the sentence was written (understand I am no English scholar here 😆), is this sentence is written in “passive voice”.  I think there is a reason why God does everything and this passive voice reminds us that everything we are able to do comes from Him. So the ability to even have the faith, as small as a mustard seed, was planted by Him (Matthew 17:20, remember this verse for later).  We need to remember that this letter was written to Hebrews. They were challenged with the fact that what they had experienced for 100’s of years was “I will, then God will”. The law was there for man to fulfill as had been promised by the Israelites at Mount Sinai. The law created a system, we as humans are very fond of, where we need to perform to receive from God. Paul was describing how simple faith, in God, has always brought righteousness, read all of Hebrews 11. He also points out that the Patriarchs were waiting for the better way, which we have now through Jesus. That our belief in Him, Who He is, makes us righteous in Him because of His divine exchange at the Cross. Another interesting point is English teachers do not like you to write sentences  in “passive voice” 😖 makes them look like that, lol! The reason why is it makes the sentence unclear or it can be misinterpreted (See explanation here The Writing Center). The Lord had me write this verse into an “active voice” sentence, so I could better understand what He was expressing to me and freed me from fear in this area. Here is what it looks like:

“God has pleasure when we believe, trust in, cling to, rely on Him.”

Our faith, which is deposited into each of us by God, is as small as a mustard seed which in turn gives us the ability to believe in Jesus, in Who He is. All we have to do is repent and see that the Kingdom of Heaven is here in the person of Jesus. We repent meaning we see things differently then before. We see Jesus for Who He is, just like the thief on the Cross did. When we first believe, trust in, cling to and rely on Who Jesus is the seed is activated, and the Kingdom of heaven breaks forth in that individuals life. Nothing we do or don’t do qualifies or disqualifies us to accomplish these miracles because of the finished work of Jesus on the Cross; it is only Jesus through us in the form of the Holy Spirit that is able to do these things. It is only about Jesus and knowing Who He is.


We must come to the belief (faith) or core value that the Holy Triune God never leaves us, never forsakes us, that NOTHING, absolutely nothing can separate us from the Love of the Father in heaven and cling to this truth about Who He is in us. This is the faith as small as a mustard seed that will grow the tree of the kingdom of heaven here on earth through you!!! Just the way God planned it. Everything outflows out of this truth. Greater faith isn’t attained by you it is completed by the Father in heaven as you just believe, trust in, cling to and rely on Him.  This is what brings Him pleasure, wow! Simple.

We Abide Under the Shadow of the Almighty

For years I have wanted to understand what are the “greater things than these” that we would do when Jesus went to sit at the right hand of the Father. We have a glimpse in Acts about some of the “greater things” and one of them was how people were healed by Peter’s shadow. What follows is a very simple key to understanding this verse and a very beautiful picture.

I have for so long believed that Peter had attained some great spiritual level that I needed to reach to be able to see the miraculous healing of Acts. I needed to pray enough, fast enough, be right with God enough, in the right atmosphere..etc, etc, etc. Yet what God showed me a couple of mornings ago blew that right out of the water. In a very, very, very good way.

Do you want to know what God showed me?? I did and I am so thankful beyond words. Hold on to your seat. Here we go…👍

A couple mornings ago, I was meditating on the scripture: “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” (Psalms 91:1 NKJV). This is one of my life scriptures and I was proclaiming it over myself and many others. When all of a sudden the story of Acts 5 popped into my head like a movie. And I saw Peter walking and people bringing others who needed healing and placing them where he was walking so that his shadow might fall upon them and they would be healed. All at the same time the scripture…abide under the Shadow of the Almighty ran through my mind and I saw not Peter’s shadow but our Heavenly Father’s Shadow encompassing, surrounding Peter and healing people. As a matter of fact scripture states that “all were healed”.

What the Lord was showing me was that it was NOT Peter’s shadow at all that was healing people, it was His Shadow. This is VERY important for us to see and understand. Peter had done nothing but believe who he was and Whose he was for these miracles to take place. Now what God wanted me to understand is that nothing “I” could do would ever put me in the position of being holy enough or right enough to see these miracles happen. My only position was to rest “under the shadow of the Almighty”. To simply believe that is where I am, under His Shadow. It is simple. It is Jesus. All Him. It has nothing to do with us or what we have done or have not done, it is His Grace. That is exactly what Peter understood, oh so well he understood that, and we have his account in writing of him trying to do things on his own, his failure, and then his restoration to read in the Bible for all time.

Remember that Peter was the one that stated to Jesus that he would never leave him and when Jesus told Peter that he would deny Him three times before the rooster crowed Peter then went on to say he would die with Jesus. Yet, sure enough Peter denied Jesus three times before the rooster crowed (See Matt 26:31-35). Peter learned that night that he could not do anything in his own strength or determination. I believe Peter learned to fully rest in the Lord and His ability to flow through him when needed. The anointing would flow as needed as he rested and believed in Jesus. I believe Peter better understood that when Jesus met with Peter privately and restored Peter. We see that in Luke 24:34. We also see how Peter could not wait to jump from the boat when he knew it was Jesus at the shore in John 21:7. Peter was not afraid to see Jesus on the shore because Jesus had met privately with Peter and restored Peter. When Jesus met with Peter and other disciples on the shore Peter had already learned that he could not rely on his own ability and Jesus gave Peter his direction on feeding and tending to the sheep. Jesus knew that all of this would occur to position Peter to know, fully understand he could not do these things in his own strength, his own love or his own ability but only to rest and believe in what Jesus has done and completed once and for all at the Cross. Peter rested under the Shadow of the Almighty and that very rest brought healing to all in Acts 5.

All we have to do is believe and it is not a striving belief. Although the enemy fights for us to believe that by law (remember he is the accuser and needs a law to accuse you, so he continuously would prefer you to come under the law and not believe you are under Grace) Simply put, “I abide under the Shadow of the Almighty”. Like Peter, I can walk and because God never leaves me nor forsakes me, He walks with me. His Shadow is over me. I am protected and ready for whatever the Lord wants me to do that day. I abide under His shadow and as I walk God’s presence is in me and all around me. I will always fall short but He NEVER does. So, I live in Him and He is in me because I simply believe. EVERY believer in Jesus Christ this is your RIGHT to reside, abide under the Shadow of the Most High God, because of the POWERFUL Blood of Jesus Christ. All you have to do is BELIEVE this TRUTH. The enemy wants you to believe that because YOU didn’t do something or YOU did do something like lie or YOU didn’t get it right OR YOU, YOU,YOU that somehow YOU don’t have this right. But see this right doesn’t come from you (that is law) but we live under the new covenant of Grace because of what JESUS DID on the Cross. That is why we are called BELIEVERS. We believe in the finished work of Jesus, we believe He rose again, we believe we abide under His Shadow, we believe we are healed we believe we are fully forgiven, we believe He loves us… you see the simplicity of the gospel of grace?!

I believe as the believers in Jesus Christ understand this truth the “greater things” will be seen in greater measure. It is truly what the Lord wants.

“The Spirit of the LORD is upon Me, Because He has anointed Me To preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives And recovery of sight to the blind, To set at liberty those who are oppressed; (Luke 4:18 NKJV)