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Porches and Heavenly Wine

As I have been waiting for the editing process to finish up with my book, I have had a strange lull in my writing. Which is pleasant for me to sit back, try to be patient and not think about writing. Knowing I will soon begin the process of reading through the edited version of… Continue reading Porches and Heavenly Wine

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No Nonsense

I had asked my two sons what they had learned from me over the last 4 years. My youngest son encapsulated exactly what he has learned from me in the last four years and was the first to state: Mom this is what I learned—>

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Gingham and Grace

When I was in elementary school my grandma would make most of my clothes for me. I remember a morning she was walking with me to the school bus. This day must have been special, because I was able to wear my yellow and white gingham jumper dress with my white Peter Pan collared shirt.… Continue reading Gingham and Grace

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Sally’s Question

In my last blog post The Greater Sin I started with a conversation I was having with a group of girlfriends. Now I want to finish what we spoke about that night. My good friend Sally had been watching a documentary about the new Pope and a meeting the Pope had had to apologize to… Continue reading Sally’s Question

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The Greater Sin

Last week my family and I were at a friend's new business celebrating the "grand opening". It was just a few close friends that had come together to celebrate God's goodness in this new chapter for their lives. As the handful of us stood around the reception desk drinking wine and eating cheese and kibitzing… Continue reading The Greater Sin

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From Cubs to Lions

Today as I celebrate four years of freedom, I have come to realize, finally, what I, my family and my friends were really warring with.  God started me on a road that I simply could not look back on four years ago over three days.  As I lay in bed this morning and visited with… Continue reading From Cubs to Lions

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Adversity, WHY????

We all face adversity. Life contains adversity. It is a part of this life here and now. Something I have written about or at least have made a meme about is the fact that my circumstances do not prove God is for me.....His word proves He is for me. One of the things that I… Continue reading Adversity, WHY????

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Power in Words?

Words are powerful if you choose to believe them ...otherwise they have no power at all. Words when spoken by someone you trust can have a lifelong impact on you, positively or negatively.  When you realize though that a person should not have been trusted the negative words no longer have the same power.  Belief… Continue reading Power in Words?

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Missing Something?

The idea that we are missing something from God: His love, His forgiveness, His salvation, His peace has been perpetuated by the church for hundreds of years. This idea stems from the belief that our behavior causes God to turn from us when we have missed the mark otherwise known as sin. When we get… Continue reading Missing Something?

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If you have read any of my blogs, much of my writing centers around words.  I have felt that there has been much lost in either translation or in the understanding of words and their true meaning.  I have talked about having the right perspective of God; reading within context; and understanding who the author… Continue reading Tzaddik