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Prophetic Word to the Church Body

Coming up on my five year anniversary of freedom from the religious spirit, I found a desire to look up the number five in the “Prophet’s Dictionary”. I thought I would share what I found there: “The number five is an operative number. It belongs to the virtue of GRACE MANIFESTED AND OPERATED as the… Continue reading Prophetic Word to the Church Body

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Thoughts With God

Was asking God about a statement I had heard and this is what he said.

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Recently, I heard a pastor on national television state that not tithing ten percent is a sin. Around the same time, I had read on either my FB news page or maybe Instagram something along the lines of this: When you sow bad seeds by mistreating others than you reap a bad harvest yet at… Continue reading Tithing

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Without Love

One of the things that helped me see God a little more clearly happened years ago. The church I was attending was going to do a building fundraising. At the time we were meeting in a school and the pastors decided it was time to start fundraising for a building. I was praying one day… Continue reading Without Love

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Birthday Card Truth

Thought I would share one of my birthday cards with you. 😉 #fearwillnotrule #perfectlovecastsoutfear #itsaprocess keep your 👀 peeled for a new blog post coming out later this week 🙌🏼

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Porches and Heavenly Wine

As I have been waiting for the editing process to finish up with my book, I have had a strange lull in my writing. Which is pleasant for me to sit back, try to be patient and not think about writing. Knowing I will soon begin the process of reading through the edited version of… Continue reading Porches and Heavenly Wine

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No Nonsense

I had asked my two sons what they had learned from me over the last 4 years. My youngest son encapsulated exactly what he has learned from me in the last four years and was the first to state: Mom this is what I learned—>

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Gingham and Grace

When I was in elementary school my grandma would make most of my clothes for me. I remember a morning she was walking with me to the school bus. This day must have been special, because I was able to wear my yellow and white gingham jumper dress with my white Peter Pan collared shirt.… Continue reading Gingham and Grace

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How I Kick Fear to the Curb 👊🏼

This is something I rarely speak about; yet I promised myself this would be an open journal. Please read all the way to the end because this is not an, "Oh feel sorry for Darlene but a glimpse into stubbornness that can be used for good as God lives inside me healing me through the… Continue reading How I Kick Fear to the Curb 👊🏼