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Happy New Year- Prophetic Word for 2020

I am so excited for this new year. Maybe it is because my book will be released. Yet, I believe there is something the Lord wants to share with us. For the past six months I have been dealing with some health issues. Trying to find out what has been causing a skin rash can be so difficult to find the culprit. I am not going to say this has not been difficult, painful and plain itchy over most of my body. There were many times I felt hopeless and needed to surround myself with people who could help me get up off the floor, literally at times and figuratively. I felt many times like Job who wanted to scrap himself with a pot shard. One of the things the Lord kept reminding me through this time was to stop looking at the storm and look at him. This wasn’t easy; nor did I do it all the time…but in those moments where I needed it the most he helped me and he would send people to help me. Thankfully, I had a husband, family and friends that were nothing like Job’s friends. Instead I had people around me who picked me up, prayed for me and encouraged me to still live life in it’s fullest all the while dealing with a horribly painful rash that seemed to have no end. Today I would say, I am 90% healed and waiting for the completion of healing. I have great hope which was fostered and nurtured by the people I have in my life. Believers who understand what it is to be the church.

Through the last six months I have gotten to experience the church (body of believers) at it’s best. I saw this in my family and friends. I also received a better understanding of what unity and covenant really looks like being lived out. I wrote a blog post entitled, Prophetic Word to the Church Body, regarding grace manifesting by the hand of God in a life or ministry. Five days later I saw five 2s. The number two represents the number of covenant, mutuality and accord, according to “The Prophet’s Dictionary” by Paula Price.

I believe the year 2020 will hold an opportunity to the church body worldwide to move forward and operate in grace manifested only by the hand of God in one’s life which will bring them both wholeness/ unity and covenant/mutuality/accord. My family and friends have experienced this over the last five years. It is something the Lord had designed for us to understand and manifest in and through each of us. We needed to understand what grace from God truly is. We aren’t the only ones this has happened to. There are many others with the first fruits of this design which God is wanting to bring to a larger scale to his body of believers. Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will see great growth within themselves and within their sphere of influence. The accord and wholeness will be unparalleled. This great season of hope, wholeness and covenant manifested through the understanding of true grace will change you and the people around you. We are the church, be the church. This is not something you must manifest yourself; as it is only manifested and operated by the hand of God. It is when you simply believe that Jesus accomplished it all for you. You only have to believe this and grace is naturally manifested in and through you.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year- Prophetic Word for 2020”

  1. Such a great testimony of the Lord’s loving care and faithfulness to you, and how He used the true body of Christ to help you stand, and help you remember who He is and Whose you are! There is nothing more powerful, and beautiful, than the Church being what the Lord surrendered and sacrificed so it, so WE, could become – like Christ, in mind, word, deed, purpose and plan – so that others will know that we are Christians by our LOVE one for another. We must be bold enough to pray that the Lord would remove every thought and behavior that does not reflect who He truly is and how He truly walks and talks among people, and then surrender to the working of the Holy Spirit to accomplish this so we can truly live this out: It is no longer I who live, BUT Christ who lives IN me! If we are to become like the body of Christ we must abandon all of self not only to know Him, but to be transformed by Him, so when people see and experience “us” they are really seeing and experiencing the Living God! Your prophetic word resonates deeply within and my desire to become more and more like Christ with every breath that He gives me. Thank you Darlene, for going through all of the painful stuff over these past years and looking for the beauty in your brokenness. Christ is evident in you! Thank you for sharing you, Christ in you, to give us love, clarity, comfort, strength, support and hope in our journey to “Be The Church”. I love you friend and am so grateful for what the Lord has, and continues to do in our midst. 2020 will be like none other! I am praying in agreement with the Word the Lord gave you, and look forward in excitement, expectation and hope to see His word come to pass.

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