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Prophetic Word to the Church Body

Coming up on my five year anniversary of freedom from the religious spirit, I found a desire to look up the number five in the “Prophet’s Dictionary”. I thought I would share what I found there:

“The number five is an operative number. It belongs to the virtue of GRACE MANIFESTED AND OPERATED as the hand of God in a life and/or ministry. This is because anything the Lord does is provided freely, and since it can not be paid by earthly currency it is a gift of grace.”

Paula A. Price, PH.D., pg.221

The number five also denotes the hand four fingers with one thumb. This also goes along with the word “operative” above. This idea of operation and hand goes along with Ephesians 4:11-12 regarding the “five fold” some argue the “four fold” ministry because of the Greek sentence structure. Either way, I have written previously about the men and women Jesus puts in place in my post Because of Christ Believers are Seated in Heavenly Places and what they are actually to be doing.

In the last couple of months, I have felt a renewed sense of taking back what has been stolen by the enemy. Not really mine but others. God has been placing people in my life who I get to encourage, lift up and help them move forward into what they have desired in their hearts to do. This isn’t forced but more like stepping into Who they are. It is simple and natural. They are just doing what and who they are. It is amazing to see people letting go of old religious ideas and stepping into who they are, who God made them to be. This is part of the prophetic. To lift people back into who they are. To take back what was stolen…their identity in Christ, what they were designed by the Designer to do. I also am simply naturally walking in who God created me to be. It is simple, easy and never forced. It just naturally happens. I love seeing people move into what I know was stolen from them. This season of five for me is already happening. Operation of who God designed me to be. It is moving forward and not looking back. Knowing I am perfectly imperfect and that is okay with God. He already knows all of this and He loves me.

The church (the body of Christ) needs to understand they don’t need to get to a certain point to all of a sudden be “good enough” to “perform” something for God. In the midst of your life, right where you are at, is something to do. It might not look any of the ways you have been “taught” in the the church building it should look like. But it is there in your sphere of where you live day to day waiting for you to pick up what was stolen by the enemy when you heard then believed you aren’t ready; you aren’t holy enough; you aren’t whole enough; or you aren’t enough in some way, shape or form. This is a lie. Just be you. There are passions God put in your heart. Not achievements but passions. Let this passion simply be a part of your every day life. Do what seems like “little” which in reality is “BIG” in the kingdom of heaven.

I feel like this is a season of “OPERATION”. I have found the workers to be few and much to be done. As the “church body” sits and gets fat inside the four walls believing they haven’t attained a certain level to do something…all the while there is much to do right in front of each of us. Let us simply step out of the belief of the lie that we need to attain something or be put in a position by man to do something and instead believe God has created us and provided the Holy Spirit within each of us to do what will cross our paths. This is abiding in Christ and him in you. Those passions, whatever they may be, were put inside each of us to create the Body of Christ, to function, and make what is around us a better place. It is simple and easy just be who God created you to be and you will naturally change the area around you to a place where heaven meets earth.

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