Without Love

One of the things that helped me see God a little more clearly happened years ago. The church I was attending was going to do a building fundraising. At the time we were meeting in a school and the pastors decided it was time to start fundraising for a building. I was praying one day about this and I heard the Lord directly state to me I was to proclaim that the money would not come in. I had an argument with God that day saying there was no way I was going to do this. He explained to me I was like Elijah and it was necessary for the money not to come in right now which would be a drought of 3 1/2 years and then the money would come in within the next 3 1/2 years and the building would be finished in the seventh year. He also said like Elijah I was the prophet who would call in the building. He promised me all of this. So, I proclaimed that the money would not come in and after 3 1/2 years I was able to pray for the money to come in and for the building to be built at it’s appointed time. It was not an easy seven years because when I told the lead pastors what God had said and what I had done I was immediately met with fear and anger from them.

First there were questions: What have we done?, Where is the sin in our church?, and Where do we need to repent? When I answered, “There is nothing wrong. God has done this out of LOVE.”, the lead pastors could not understand this. Even I at the time couldn’t fully understand it. I just knew that it came from a place of love and protection. For them however, something had to be wrong and if there wasn’t anything wrong with the church…..then there was something wrong with me….I must be Jezebel. And I was treated as such.

There was much I had to do to “get back in the good graces” of the lead pastors and I did whatever it took…because of fear on my part. Needless to say for the first 3 1/2 years the money did not come in. The economy where we lived and throughout the country took a nose dive. People were losing houses and they could not afford to give beyond to raise money for a building. Still the lead pastors looked for a “sin” that had been committed. They chased and chased out of fear. They chased money and buildings completely out of fear. They couldn’t comprehend it was all done out of love.

What was so amazing is 6 3/4 years from the day I proclaimed the money would not come in the female lead pastor approached me and let me know the Lord had told her I had to give “such a hard word because I would be the prophet to call in the building.” My husband and a close friend were the only people I had told about the last two promises. I was never able to let the lead pastors know the rest of the promises because they got stuck in fear with the first one. I had only been able to tell them what I had done by not calling the money in. They never waited to hear the rest because fear had taken hold of them. It stopped them from hearing any more.

Hindsight is 20/20. When I look back I see God’s hand moving to let us know the economy was going to take a nose dive. Much like a drought of rain this was a time of a drought of finances for 3 1/2 years. Thankfully, I knew it wouldn’t last forever. Hence, the next 3 1/2 years allowed for the prices to drop on real estate which allowed them to buy at a lower rate and have the money to do so. It really was that simple.

When we start from a religious view point (fear) what we hear from God becomes twisted with fear. We are then unable to look at the bigger picture outside of this moment. Yet, when we start from a relationship viewpoint (love) then we can see what God is doing is meant for good.

God has given me another promise which I am watching be fulfilled. I have looked at this promise as a punishment for some people. Just recently God reminded me of the above story to put this promise into the correct perspective for me(repentance). I changed my mind to line up with the way God sees things. What I was perceiving as a “punishment” was actually a moment of a loving Heavenly Father helping their child and children. It is actually coming from a place of love. I perceived it as punishment because I wanted to see justice. He simply asked me would I want justice or love if it were me? Then reminded me of the above story. Of course I answered love. My view of his promise shifted for me. I could see a loving God who cares for all people. God is a just God and he lives outside of time so he knows every action and choice all of us will make; how it will impact each of us and the world around us; and what impact the circumstances will have on each of us. What I am saying is that sometimes we are looking at something from our wrong perspective of God. And when we shift to see things his way this is true repentance. I simply changed the way I saw something. So simple, without condemnation, more like an aha moment.

God wants us to know what is coming, not always to avoid it but to be able to prepare and help one another—love. This is his way of helping us see the light, be the the light, see the love and be the love in each situation. Not trying to punish but helping us see him in the midst of our life here on earth. Perfect love casts out all fear. As we abide in God and him in us we are perfected in love. The word perfect here is teleios in Greek from the Strong’s concordance. This word is defined in Strong’s as “(an adjective, derived from 5056 /télos, “consummated goal”) – mature (consummated) from going through the necessary stages to reach the endgoal, i.e. developed into a consummating completion by fulfilling the necessary process (spiritual journey).

As we abide in God we go through a process of being perfected in love. The assurance grows within us of the great love God has for us. This growth of complete acceptance of each of us assures us we are not going to be punished by him. This assurance grows and enables us to love ourselves no matter our choices which leads us to be able to love others.

  1. Love never negates the process.
  2. The process is perfect love.
  3. God loves you through the entire process. Which means you can never do anything nor can anything take away the love the Father has for you. (Romans 8:38-39)
  4. God is never mad at you through the process. (See number 3 and remember who you are in him and he already knows every choice you will make)

I want to clearly state this does not mean we do not look at people’s choices and don’t choose wisdom. I believe we all should have wisdom and in so doing this does not mean we can not love at the same time. Sometimes the very act of wisdom in dealing with people is exactly the love a person needs in that moment. Some would call this “tough love”. It truly is a heart issue.

Love lives inside of me. This means I am in the process, this life holds, of abiding and growing spiritually to a consummating end goal of being perfected in love.


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