Gingham and Grace

When I was in elementary school my grandma would make most of my clothes for me. I remember a morning she was walking with me to the school bus. This day must have been special, because I was able to wear my yellow and white gingham jumper dress with my white Peter Pan collared shirt. The sun was up near the horizon and it was not hot and not cold (we were living in Tucson, AZ). It was a beautiful morning; one that becomes imprinted on your memory for a variety of reasons. As I walked in my favorite beautiful dress, I remember feeling like a princess and all was well in this moment of time for me.

For me, This is what Grace in the New Covenant feels like. You are a princess or prince and you feel beautiful or handsome. Not because of anything you have done but because it is the reality you love from. There is an inner peace within you that lies untouched by the world or what is happening around you or to you. It is never something you fabricate on your own but resides within you by a Force bigger than you. It may swell at times like the ocean and have a low tides at times….but it is always there inside you. This is what it is like living within Grace.

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