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Don’t Judge a Tweet by It’s Account

It has been awhile since I have posted, as I have been writing my book. Today, I want to start with a subject of a tweet I read from my current President:

As I read through the comments, I noticed many Christians chiming in saying….no,no,no do not support a sin or you lost my vote because this goes against my beliefs.

Now, I am not here to argue about the right and wrong of the behavior between two consenting adults. If you actually read what is said by Trump you will realize he is not speaking about their behavior; but the behavior of others towards this group of people.

Decriminalizing this does not make what two consenting adults are choosing right by God. It does show that the government is not God. We need to remember the laws of the state and country are there to protect the adults and minors who are not consenting to the actions done to them whether that be murder, rape, stealing, incest, fraud, lying or physical abuse.

Thankfully extramarital affairs or sex outside of marriage is no longer criminal; otherwise there would be many woman wearing the Scarlet Letter A on their clothing. Or worse yet, both the man and the woman would be brought before the people and stoned to death when caught in adultery. There is much to be grateful for with the coming of Christ and living in the New Covenant.

I encourage you to ask God what He says about all of this. As for me: As a Christian, I stand with my President and this group of people to end their punishment, imprisonment, or execution.

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