Friends 🌻

I had watched the movie “Ya-Ya Sisterhood” a little while ago. It was on regular tv; so many things were bleeped out.  Yet this didn’t take away the message of girls, women and our wonderful friendships we can have. God meant for us to have relationship with Him and others. This is otherwise known as friendships, sisterhood, brotherhood, bffs (best friends forever) and family.

Takeaways I got from this movie that I wanted to share:

  • Real long term friendships do happen- I have friends still from high school, college, after college and now that are still in my life. I have friends near and far that can speak into my life and could come and visit and we can just be together. It is real and we have lived through disagreements and loved one another when we haven’t been “loveable”.
  • Sisterhood equates to BFF or whatever name it might be called amongst your friends.  What it looks like is simply relationship, strong relationships are ALWAYS forged theough fire- through disagreements, tuff times and not running; but facing, talking and listening to each other through it.  What comes from this is a trust that is not easily broken.
  • Life is tuff. We aren’t perfect. You enjoy the happy and sad times together. Laugh at yourselves and each other. You get to laugh hard, cry hard, love hard, be angry, be passionate, be real, be yourself–love life.

Sisterhood is meant to be REAL.  It is seeing the good, the bad and the ugly in one another while moving forward together, in love. Love by helping one another through ‘all times’, pointing things out for one another and reassuring each other.  Creating a history together is fun.  Life is meant to have a vertical relationship with God and many different horizontal relationships with other people.  The mess we can create with one another is meant to become the most beautiful piece of artwork, as we entrust our relationships to our Father in heaven.  

If you want to read more on what I wrote on relationships you can start here: Have We Sold Indulgences, in Modern Times? (Part 1)Millstone Around Your Neck…No Thanks….(Part 2)Millstone Around Your Neck…..No Thanks (Part 3)Horizontal and Vertical (Part 4)Has “Sorry” Lost Its’ Potency (Final Part)

2 thoughts on “Friends 🌻”

  1. Love what you have written Darlene. So grateful we have been THROUGH the good, the bad, the ugly and have come out on the other side Beautiful! Love you, Friend!

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