What a Bridegroom We Have

Last night I was at a wedding and the bride’s dad was telling a story about the prince coming to slay the dragon to save his bride and of course how biblical this story is. He was talking about himself as the dragon and how his new son-in-law slain him or had to fight for the hand of his bride. This just reminded me once again of the beautiful sacrifice our Bridegroom made for us. How He has already slain the dragon (Satan) in our lives. How He finished it for us. How He has done all the work for us so we can enjoy and live in and from a place of benefit, fullness, and wholeness. How we don’t live in a place of fear but of complete and utter love. Yet what we must remember is that this a continuous place we live from. See our Bridegroom is the perfect One. Much like we see Hosea marries a prostitute and even when she leaves Hosea and lives with another man; Hosea ran after his bride. Hosea then brought her home, remarried her and still loved her, not in his own strength but in the Lords.  Hosea is a picture of how much Christ loves us through our entire lives, no matter what. Jesus and the Father don’t just love us in the beginning when we are lost and ask them to save us. We are deeply loved then, now and are assured of it in the future. See Jesus won the war, the war is won..It is finished! The battles sometimes look like they are losses…alas…they are NOT. This is why Jacob can say:

“As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result…” Genesis‬ ‭50:20‬ ‭NASB‬‬

Father God is always seeking to bring us to the best possible result for well…..us. That is how much He img_1033love us. So…..

Live remembering the war is won, the battles are wins and not losses. You already are a new creation in Christ and your righteousness is there in Christ. You have ALL the benefits of the Kingdom and you live in the Kingdom; not because of any righteous act you did or only when you avoided acting un-righteously. You aren’t in the kingdom and accepted by God in one moment and out the next because you didn’t do “the right thing”; you are always and forever His Bride because you simply believe in Who He is and have entrusted yourself to be His. This means you are engaged to Jesus the Bridegroom with the seal of the Holy Spirit and are the Bride of Christ, fully loved, accepted, cherished and desired.  Oh what a Bridegroom we have.

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