Christianity, Prophetic Words

What Does the Number Eight, Butterflies and 50

All Have In Common?

I think the answer will be something you want to grab ahold of for yourself, family and friends!!

I have such a great birth day. I was destined to be born on the Fourth of July which is the day of freedom for the United States of America. Every year I have fireworks and lots of fun celebrating not only my birthday but the birthday of the country I was born into. Each year on my birthday the Lord usually gives me a word as a present. Sometimes I get to share it and sometimes not….this year it is the former.

A couple weeks ago, when I woke up in the morning, the Lord asked me a question and the answer was eight years. He then asked what does eight mean? This is usually when I ask…what does it mean Lord? And He generally answers or shows me where to find the answer. This time He directed me towards I book I own called the, “Prophets Dictionary” by Paula A. Price. Here is a direct quote from the book regarding the meaning of eight:

“The number of new beginning, such as the new week in Genesis 2:2–7 (see the seventh verse especially).  …When Jesus was the offshoot of David, it is interesting to note that David was Jessie’s eighth son who marked, coincidentally, the new monoarchical reign of Israel after Saul’s death. It’s application to the New Testament church is seen in Micah 5:4–5 where it mentions the seven shepherds. With Jesus as the Chief Shepherd, that brings the number to eight, with the seven shepherds foreshadowing the seven angels spiritually governing and pastoring the New Testament church. ….Eight souls were saved from the anti-diluvian flood….”

imageAs you can see, from the quote, eight means new. The other reminder God gave me is the amount of burptterflies I have seen this summer. Just yesterday I had one flying by me all day when I went outside. Just reminding me of His promise for this new year for me. The third and last reminder the Lord gave me was this year I turned 49; so I am in my 50th year….The year of Jubilee. The year of Jubilee is also a reminder of new beginnings.

I am to share with everyone this word…

It is a year of new beginnings starting this Fourth of July. All you have to do is rest in Him and what Christ has done for you and is doing in you and then watch the Hand of the Lord move. It is easy for you are in sync with the Father through His Holy Spirit Who abides in you. Walk with Him in the cool of the day and see the new beginning He has for each of us, specific to exactly what we need.

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