God Always Leads in Love

On my last post someone had made a comment that I would have made a few years back….You must be talking about the New Testament God and not the Old Testament God. Years ago, I could not connect the Old Testament God to the New Testament God. I would say things like well…it’s a New Covenant and God is dealing with us a little differently, God still punishes sin in the New Covenant…I mean just read the New Testament, and many other things I am sure. But I always came back to the scripture, the very truth that was my response to this statement—God is the same, yesterday, today and forever. (Hebrews 13:8) So if we really believe this is true how can we look at all the things done in the Old Testament and say, “God always leads with love.”????

This question is so huge…but because I was a history teacher I like to approach things linearly. I probably won’t touch on every single story but the ones I questioned. If you have one that particularly interests you…and would like to see how God leds in love in the Old Testament….shoot me a question here on my blog.okay let’s have some fun…part one…it may take a few blogs to do this. What fun!!

Lets start with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Did God led with love there? It is so important to start with the correct perspective of God, Who He is and how He responds to what He created. He always leads in love even in the beginning…

He set the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the garden. Adam was told not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil or they would surely die but any other tree he could eat from. We have free will choice. If you know the story you know they ate the fruit and were led out of the garden so they won’t eat from the tree of life and remain in eternal death (separation from the Father for eternity). God did not leave them when they were led out of Eden….He followed them. He did not turn away but continued with them in their mess…with a plan to rescue the whole world through His Son. (Genesis 1-5) His Son, Jesus, took the penalty of sin for the whole world for all time at the Cross, rose again…the Cross bringing eternal life to all who choose to know Jesus for Who He is…the Son of God.

Okay how about the flood. God only saving Noah and his family? I mean all those people died, all the animals…total destruction to the whole world!?!?!!! In the next chapter, Genesis 6, we hear of something called Nephillim and fallen angels with daughters of men. There is also a statement about Noah and his lineage found favor/grace with God. His lineage had not been infiltrated with fallen angels. So God led in love to preserve humanity and the earth because violence and corruption had come through the fallen angels to man and earth. God needed a pure of DNA that had not been changed by the fallen angels procreating with the daughters of men. And He found that in Noah and his family. So He led Noah, his family and the animals to the ark and cleansed the earth of the magnitude of violence and corruption that the fallen angels perpetrated on earth.

What I found throughout the Old Testament is a God that always led in love. I think we have misconceptions about love and how it looks. I also think we take people’s choices and place them on God….and say why didn’t you stop this or that. We need to understand there is an older than earth law that God abides to. Promises He had made He can not go against. He actually, truly knows more than we do. To admit that is easy, to walk it out is different. It takes us to a place where we simply trust in the “Goodness of our Heavenly Father”. Yet as humans we tend to trust ourselves and what we can do to attain something from our Father in Heaven when all He has ever wanted to do is give. Even in the Old Testament.

Far too many times we look at the Old Testament and see an angry God and we look at the New Testament and since God is the same always we say He is angry. Let’s instead repent (turn see things Gods way) and see God for Who He truly is in both Testaments. We, as Christians, say God is good all the time but we haven’t always believed it. Because the Jews were judged so harshly how could God be good. What many don’t realize is that the Jews said we can do all You, God, require us to do. We can uphold our part of this bargain and if we can’t we will receive the judgement for our wrongs and blessings for what we do right and that is what happened. This was not God’s idea. He wanted to do it all for them just like He did with the covenant He made with Abraham. Yet out of all this God brought good as we know should realize we can not uphold our part of the bargain. We can not act right all the time. We can not uphold the law in and of ourselves. So, God had made a way for the whole world and that way is Jesus dying for all of our sin for all time. All we have to do is believe Who Jesus said He is. When that happens not only do we become a new creation in Christ, we become righteous in Him. We recieve power through the Holy Spirit coming and dwelling within us. We have all the rights of a Son or Daughter of the Most High. For those that don’t believe yet…God is still there waiting..wooing and calling you by name as His greatest desire is to come and live in you and live eternally with you.

Right now we are living in one of the best times on planet earth. I am so grateful I was born after the Cross. The prophets of old would have loved to live during this time. They called it out and we are living in it. This is the time of Grace. A time of freedom and complete forgiveness because of the Cross. The enemy would like you to think you still must work for your blessing and if you don’t “do all the requirements” God is gonna get ya. Let me reassure you God is not out to get ya. We do not live under the law but under Grace after the Cross. We receive all of the benefits of heaven because of what Christ did for us just because we believe. It is that simple. God desired to protect us from His coming judgement of sin, He did that through His Son on the Cross. God poured out all of His wraith from sin on His Son so that anyone who chooses to believe Who Jesus is is saved from that judgment. Anyone that does not accept the free gift of Grace will then be judged for God is a Holy God and a just God always leading us in love.

I know this doesn’t cover all of the Old Testament stories…but as you read them…you must start with the truth God is good all the time and He always leads in love.

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