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How Can We Ever Give God 100%


Please note, in the story Jesus told the Pharisees and scribes the lamb had to submit, allow Jesus to find him, carry him, rejoice over him and take care of him. That is all we have to do to give 100%. Because honestly God wants to do all the work for you…you just say yes carry me, live inside of me, take care of me and love me. It is God who gives and we simply choose to receive or not. We can’t receive if we feel inadequate because we feel we somehow have not done enough to be able to receive. That is backwards and puts us back at Mount Sinai believing we can or have to do something to earn something from God. I will always fail to be able to give God 100%. I in my own strength can never do that. Yes Jesus gave us 100%. He was able to do that because He is God, I am not and when I am weak He is ALWAYS strong. When all He desires to do is give, give, give and give again and all we do is choose to receive freely from Him. Remember also, Jesus is talking about sinners and prostitutes here and still He gives. Your righteousness comes from Him and your capability of living like Him only comes from Him living and breathing inside of you, naturally. He works, you rest in Him….Wow, what a Mighty God!

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