What I Believe to be True……

Simply Believe
Simply Believe

I was texting with a friend…. and here is my side of the texts (cleaned up a little to make it flow better):

What I believe to be true are people (Christians) do not want to be accountable for what they did wrong because somewhere deep inside they still believe, have a core belief, they have to perform to be okay with God. Once that core belief is gone and is replace with the truth your state of being loved by Father in heaven has in no way been impacted according to your behavior it is much easier to deal with the your insides and what you choose to do. I just find it much easier now living from the inside out and being real, looking at my personal choices and being able to take responsibility for my choices. So if we teach people they have such great value with God because He sent His Son who was willing to give His life to make them not only free but kings and priests not based on their merit (what they do or don’t do) but based on His great love for them. True freedom and whole peace invades our spirit and it truly comes to life. It is always belief (faith) simply believe this truth-Jesus is Who He says He is—-and that belief heals, saves. Remember your faith (belief in Who Jesus is) heals you, saves you.

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