How Much Do You Trust God?

As we walk in who we truly are in Him, NOTHING can stand against what He has already purchased.

I want this statement to resound within you, within me, within everyone! I was texting with a friend and this statement came welling up within me, as we were talking about life. Jesus said He gave us peace, not as the world gives peace but as He gives. He goes on to say do not let your heart be troubled or dismayed. (John 14:27). The word Shalom is peace in Hebrew. The word shalom is so much more than just peace. Here is the list:

  • peace
  • wholeness
  • wellness
  • well being
  • safe
  • happy
  • friendly
  • favor
  • completeness
  • to cause to be at peace
  • to make peace
  • peace offering
  • secure
  • to prosper
  • to be whole
  • to be victorious
  • contentment
  • tranquility
  • quiet
  • rest

I believe so much of our history as Christians has been: if I, then God will. Or I need to do something: pray hard enough, be more introspective, make sure I don’t sin, go back through my family line and ask Jesus to take the sins of my family (reminds me of indulgences in the past which even the Catholic Church has quit doing). See our propensity, as humans, is to lean on ourselves and what we have to do to receive from God. For most people, I believe, it is truly difficult to simply receive. I am not saying don’t pray. Prayer is conversing with God and I do that all the time. I have become aware and I understand He is always with me, ALWAYS. Yet, the resting in Him may be difficult if I don’t have the deep understanding of what Jesus actually did accomplish at the Cross. When that is firmly deposited within me and I remind myself daily of that very fact it changes me on the inside. It also usurps Christian belief systems that have usurped what Jesus accomplished on the Cross.

Above was the statement: As we walk in who we truly are in Him, NOTHING can stand against what He already purchased. This is what I remind myself of daily- this means I simply am looking towards Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith. As I walk in this I know there is absolutely NOTHING that can stand in what Jesus Christ did for me or for my family or for my friends. See here is where I know it is ALL about what He did and it is ALL finished. See here is where I receive the mind of Christ and NOTHING, no sickness, no sin, no curse, no condemnation, no ill spoken words, no bad news, no generational sin, no ___________ (put your own words) can stand against what He already purchased. He purchased us and then gave blessing, favor, wholeness, love, contentment, sinlessness, righteousness, prosperity. He gave us Shalom and so much more. All that is His He freely, openly, excitedly gives to us. That is automatically where we stand when we repent and see God for who He is. Simply put, all we do is believe: Jesus You are who You say you are, I believe! This very simple belief causes all to be exchanged for us in that moment. Now daily I stand in the belief and trust in Christ that nothing can stand in what He already purchased for me.  imageWhen something comes up in my life I stand proclaiming that Christ has already purchased my complete freedom, my wholeness, my Shalom- because His truth states whom the Son sets free is free indeed. The work for you and me was accomplished 2000 years ago on the rugged cross. Thank you Jesus!

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