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Actions Are Louder Than Words 

We should be about creating God’s kingdom where we, like Jesus, desire for those around us to go further than we are going, or have gone. For far too long the “church leadership” has been too caught up with “position” that it has caused the Body of Christ to be pushed down, stagnated, suffocated and unable to fulfill the great commission-impacting every area of this world with His kingdom (see every last chapter of the four gospels and the book of Acts). This in turn causes the Kingdom of Heaven to not move forward here on the earth. If we are too concerned with who might “get my job” because “another is going further than us” shows we are pursuing an opposite kingdom. This is not what is ever “said” but many times what I “have seen done”. This is a core value/belief that must be removed from the Body of Christ because it does not ever reflect the identity of our Father in heaven. For His Son said…”greater things than these you will do.” (John 14:11). In this scripture He also gave us the same work He has been doing and the means/ability to do that work. So, it only makes sense since He desires for His Bride to do greater things than He did, should we also have the same desire???? I, as a part of the Body of Christ, desire to see not only my biological children but also those around me to go further then I am or will do. This desire burns within me with each person I talk to. It doesn’t come from my own self. It comes from the Holy Spirit within me because it is an attribute of God. I want to see the Body of Christ completely mobilized, fruitful and full of passion in the world. Changing all aspects of our community, fulfilling that great commission that Christ IMG_0623called us to. This is real Kingdom job security. This is reflecting Christ here on earth. This is the next move that will transform cities, states, countries and governments because it is time for the Body of Christ to walk in Christ’s true government- read Because of Christ Believers in Him are Seated in Heavenly Places. Actions speak louder than words.

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