We Are Walking Into Fall-Yet It Is Spring In The Spirit

IMG_0575-0A couple of days ago I was with a group of believers worshiping and the Lord spoke the word “new” to me, immediately I was up in heaven and on a table I saw a large book. Next, I saw the Lord’s hand turn the page of this very large book and it was a brand new page in the timeline of history and ALL the things that have happened in the past, in the part of the book that had already been written on (there was no chaff) were the building blocks, the seasons that were necessary to get us to this new page. At the same time I knew that this was the book of history for the area I live in and there was a new move that the Lord had planned for this area that is going to change the way this area is “seen” and the spiritual landscape will have changed. It isn’t just “one thing”, but many and we as believers get to write the new history as we move with the Lord here. It isn’t striving but resting in Him as you simply do what He has called you to do that brings this move. If you want to better understand resting in Him you can read some of my blogs or you can start with this one: What Does God Really Want From You? and ask the Holy Spirit.

September 1, 2015 marks the day of new. This is an area wide fresh, new beginning. I also believe that it is just not a corporate new, but an individual new. The Lord has turned a page on your history book this day. It is a fresh, new start. New growth, new understanding, new wisdom, new relationships, open doors, new, fresh, glorious. Fresh start, new day. Whatever that means to you, know that your Heavenly Father has turned the page of your history book and you and He are writing history. There is something new on your horizon. I encourage you to just look and you will see it.


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6 thoughts on “We Are Walking Into Fall-Yet It Is Spring In The Spirit

  1. This word rings true in my heart, is right on point and has confirmed what the Lord had placed in my heart on Sunday night. I for one am glad that the Lord has called all of us out, to this place and to share in this wonderful adventure together.


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