Change is in the Air….Breathe

Around March of 2014 I had seen an old wineskin, dried out and cracking. New wine had been poured in it, it burst, and the new wine came spilling out. Around that same time, I gave a word to a small group of people saying the Lord was pouring out new wine and we needed new wineskins to hold this new wine. I really didn’t understand what I was saying at that time because the Lord was also saying this new wine would change the way we see things, understand things and do things in every aspect of His Kingdom. Whether it be warfare, church, relationships, family, every area would have His perspective. This new wine COULD NOT be put in old wine skins. It would only cause them to burst and not be able to hold this new understanding and strategy He was to pour out. About a month later I gave another word to this same group of people. I had a vision of a honing in to a pinpoint. All else was blurry around but the point that I could see was crystal clear. I knew the Lord was opening up His heavenly books at this time for us to have access. Two words came forth: tipping point and turning a corner. Then the word: The heavenly books are a game changer which in turn-turns a corner=we pass a critical point in a process which then creates a tipping point=the magic moment when an idea, trend, social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire or gains significant momentum triggered by some MINOR factor or change=the turned corner. Revival!

Just recently these two words and visions have become clearer, as I have talked with my friends and His Holy Spirit. This is my understanding thus far:

There are two major parts to this change: one is the true gospel of grace-Jesus-being preached world wide, two is the kingdom of God’s “church identity” to be seen. One is personal change and the other is corporate change. I know you may not understand what I mean by “church identity” yet these are the only words that would suffice at this time. First, we have seen the gospel of grace being taught world wide. This I see as the true gospel and what the first apostles taught…well what Jesus taught. Secondly, is how the Kingdom of God and Jesus’ government works within the church or better the body of Christ. This is the next change that is set to come to the world. It is going to change the way people have grown accustomed to church being structured and/or “done”. It is exciting and is scriptural because we must get back to how Jesus called His body to function corporately within the world. Over a decade ago the Lord spoke to me, we as His people, were to go back to our roots and I believe this pertains to these two areas. Change in these two areas will bring believers to the understanding of who they are in Christ and Whose they are; will mature the body of Christ so that the greater things will be done; and give us His heavenly perspective both personally and corporately. This will create the tipping point releasing a revival as has never before been seen on earth. Worthy of the end times. Exactly what He has planned for this time and season in history.

The only problem I see is the same problem Jesus saw- old wineskins. I have seen as the gospel of grace has taken ground around the world, the Message of Jesus, new wineskins are needed for people to be able to take in this new understanding or hold on to the new wine. We can try to hold on to what we have come to believe, been taught-old wineskins- because we think the old way is better or we can choose to grab hold of the new. What is coming next to the body of Christ, this change, also needs new wineskins. How the church has looked for the last 1700 years is about to change and new wineskins will be necessary; so the new wine, the new way of seeing things can be grabbed ahold of.  Be sure, I am not fooling myself into believing everyone will grab ahold of the new wineskin; as I have seen those with the message of grace, the true gospel, hold onto their old wineskins and burst with the wine pouring out into the ground. This is because they try so hard to mix the old with the new. Yet, it just doesn’t work that way.  IMG_0572

I encourage you to know that God’s Holy Spirit is speaking this change in the winds of time. This next season of church history will be interesting to be a part of. We are turning the corner and the tipping point will be upon us. Take hold of the Holy Spirit and listen. He speaks to ALL His children. Go and read my post, Because of Christ, Believers in Him are Seated in Heavenly Places. This is part of the change that is coming. God wants us to see things His way not our way. Why, because He loves us! Change is in the air….

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