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Hammurabi Law Code
 Our government is just like Hammurabi. Have you ever read Hammurabi’s Law (created way before the 10 commandments were given)? It would take a while. 😉 I think the government has gone too far in many of their laws. And this goes way back to when the government felt the need to step into people’s personal lives and create laws in regards to people’s choices, out of fear that somehow God would disintegrate this nation. God doesn’t have to do that people do that all the time, check history (Roman Empire fell because of people’s choices not because God brought disaster-BTW God doesn’t bring disaster the enemy does and we do not live under the old covenant any longer-Christ’s death solidified that- Praise His Holy Name forever). As Christians we have the Holy Spirit to guide us, we do not need the government to guide us. The government is not God and never will be; yet to unbelievers it can be. Do I want people to choose well, certainly! Yet, I can not expect non believers to choose well. They do not have the mind of Christ, because they do not have the Holy Spirit. What I have seen is that this type of “war” only turns non believers away from Christ. As a “Christian Nation” we have put in place laws that have entered the realm of people’s personal lives. I am not talking about laws like: not murdering, stealing, speed limits. But I am talking about choices in abortion, marriage, vaccines, health care and others. Am I saying that some of these things are right, certainly not. Am I saying that the government should not even put these laws in place, most definitely! Why? Because, I think the government needs to stay out of people’s personal lives and this meddling has a far reaching impact, because people innately love their free will-a gift from God.  People will naturally push back and hard, so now we see that being played out in places where the government has tried to rule in people’s personal choices. 

What I have seen is this very “war” that Christians feel they are fighting for morality in this country gives the negative or enemy more power. We, as Christians, are acting just like the government when we try to force others to do what is right or good. What we can do is reach out in love and live according to what the Holy Spirit guides us to do. 

As Christians we are seen as the “moral police” instead of the Lovers of Christ, who we are called to be. 

I think, as I have taught history for years now, I have seen things play out over and over again. I have heard it said if we don’t learn from our history we will repeat it. See Constantine created the first “Christian Nation” and that failed as he wanted to control the people, one belief makes it easier to control people, and those that did not convert paid heavy taxes. Controlling people is not what the new covenant is about though. It is freedom in Christ. In Christ. Freedom from the very things we are trying to “fight”. So instead of fighting the way we have for a very long time, without much impact, by trying to control the masses, we need to fight for Love. We need to be the light that draws the hungry and thirsty. Jesus was not afraid to eat and drink with the sinners…where are the Followers of Jesus now? 

Let us go break bread with the sinners, invite them into your home, stop warring and ranting that our country will fall and begin building one person, one family at a time. It is time to be the Church. 

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