How Close Is He

Yesterday, I had a surprising picture come to my mind. As I sensed the Lord wanting to show me something, I asked Him to. I began “seeing” a young woman in front of me. It was like I was inside her and saw how beautiful she is. What I saw was a light, like a flame and how the flame danced to music I could only slightly hear because it wasn’t the music that had me enraptured but the beauty of this person. I noticed a bright white light as part of the other colors and this white light God showed me is Him. There was absolutely no way to separate the white light from the other colors. This light was completely intertwined or infused with the other colors. He began explaining to me that I really didn’t understand His definition of close or near or even indwell. The picture defined and explained much more than just a few words could. All of us look, as believers in Jesus, like this inside. There is nothing we could ever do to change that, except stop believing in Who He truly is. We each have this beautiful white light that completely permeates each of us WITHOUT ANY WAY to separate it.


The closest picture I could find that looked somewhat like what I saw

It was amazingly beautiful and I hope and pray the Lord will show you yourself, just how beautiful you are, just how woven He is in you, how much He loves you and how inseparable He is from you.

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