Rights and Freedom…pondering out loud….

So this weekend the Lord told me something, for me, that I want to share with others…to maybe help you too. I have always heard and began to believe that you have “no rights” with God. I have learned that you need to give up your rights to be able to do God’s will. Things have really changed for me since I have been radically delivered of legalism, and for that I am thankful for, as I have desired for a long time to know Him like He knows me. So today the Lord softly whispered to me,

” As a daughter of the King, Darlene, you have the right to freedom in Me.”

People have wanted to pull me back into legalism, because they see this as “hyper grace” or “slippery slope” or “greasy grace”. I understand their heart, some anyhow. They are scared that somehow I and my family are going to fall into sin, which is the furthest from the truth (Romans 6). See I am in Christ, my freedom is in Him NOT in myself EVER, only in Him. (2 Corininthians 5:17) If He is in me and I am in Him than my identity is in Him, not in the world. It goes against His nature to sin or even desire to sin. I am in Him. I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. My focus is on Him. He does the work and changes me internally and I know I am eternally forgiven because of what He did on the Cross. So hyper grace….hmmmmmm….that sounds more like this to me:

Where sin abounds grace abounds more.(Romans 5:20)

There were people in my life that believed I did something “wrong” in gaining this freedom in Jesus. Yet, this is exactly what He died for. He died to give freedom in Him. Not so that we can do whatever we want (Galatians 5:13) but that we can be free, as we live in Him, from condemnation, sickness, sin, all those things from the “pit of hell” (as I tell my boys).

So I choose to walk in my “right to freedom in Christ Jesus, my King, the lover of my soul, because I am a daughter of the Most High God.”

Jesus and I are inviting you to join me in this wide open space that is always wide open no matter what things might look like! (Remember Paul and being jailed yet he was still free. Philippians 1:12-14)

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Author of an upcoming book, “Time to REALLY Live Free” and blogger.

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