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I Want to Know You, God, Like You Know Me

I am going to meander a bit here. First I need to be very clear, I believe that the miracles and the five fold ministry are still valid today. With that being said, I also see so much of chasing after “signs” or an “experience” to show that God is present instead of knowing/believing He is present, all the time. It kind of reminds me of when the priests of Baal were trying to get their god to do what they needed him to do. Don’t get me wrong, I love when God manifests Himself in a very up front manner like gold dust, feathers, etc. Yet as humans we can begin to believe that if we don’t have these “signs” than God isn’t here in our midst in the amount we need Him to be here to do whatever it is we are wanting Him to do. Also, we can fall into the false belief that maybe we did something wrong that impacted the “atmosphere” which caused God to not be able to “show up” and “do all that He wanted”. I understand not everyone may have fallen into this thinking….but let’s look deeper if you want. 

There are times when the Holy Spirit is convincing me I am chasing “signs” instead of Him. Thinking that these signs are proof that……well that I am somehow doing everything “right” and God moves because I have somehow attained the “right formula” for Him to show up in a “big way”. I have sought Him, chased after Him, hoping that every known sin that has come to mind as I have done the “five steps” to “get things right between God and I” and I have worked hard enough that now yes now….I won’t be the one in the room that causes everyone to “miss out on the move of God” and He will “use me to manifest a miracle”. This is just WRONG!  (If you want to understand more about repenting, confessing and conviction read: It is Time to Le Go of the Rules, Otherwise Known as the Law or Come Fully Out of the Cave…). I was talking to someone last week and I was explaining that God wants to touch the person you are praying for more than you do. One thing that we need to understand is as believers in Jesus Christ, we have the Holy Spirit dwelling within us. This isn’t some second rate, or third rate choice here. The Holy Spirit is God dwelling in these earthen vessels, us! This is an amazing truth that we need to get back ahold of. People seem to believe that if they do something wrong that the Holy Sprit leaves them, and yet God promised to never leave us or forsake us and all of our sins (past, present and future) are forgiven.  So walking in the understanding the belief that God-the Holy Spirit- will never leave us nor forsake us and our sins are as far away from us as the east is from the west. This means that we have been filled and are continuously filled with the Holy Spirit. There is nothing, as believers in Jesus, that we can do or not do that can take the Holy Spirit away from you. 

So stand firm knowing that God our Father is indwelling you. These greater things that we are called to do by Jesus Himself is the fact that we carry God in us. When Jesus walked the earth it was just Him and the disciples He gave power to. But now we have believers with Him inside of us, not on us but in us and we are able to touch the world in a much larger capacity with many filled with the Holy Spirit. Amazing!!

The signs are great, but He is even GREATER! It is all heart motive and only He can change that but not while you are trying to change that yourself. I have said I am chasing after God and really meant I am chasing after an experience that would somehow validate me, not knowing I was already validated by the Most High God when I said yes to His free gift. So now if there are signs yay! If there aren’t yay! I can say this because I know God is with me ALL the time and I am getting to know Him like He knows me, not because I did anything except say Yes and BELIEVE. 

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