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Core values and Grace

When your core values are in alignment with God then you are truly able to understand what God is revealing to you with dreams, visions, prophetic words and His Word.

Core values is where we live our life from, how we see God, where we make decisions from, how we see the world around us and how we see ourselves from. What is even more amazing is what we say and what we believe may conflict. We may say we are all created in God’s image and yet do we treat others as we say we see them? Do we treat others like they are created in God’s image? How about love one another? We say it but…..?

Yet, when we see all that God has done for us by sending His Son to take our place and bear all of God’s judgment of our sin, how much He loves us, how He sees us, the shift in our core values happens. Notice where my eyes are. They are not on myself but on God, on Jesus. My prayer for a few years has been, Father let me know You as You know me (1 Cor13:12). Remember He knows us so well even the number of hairs on our head (Matt 10:30). When I prayed that type of prayer, I did not know that to “know Him” would mean He would dig into those core values. But this is vital for Him to do. Be ready to let go of what you have been taught about your experiences for years that line up with the world’s way of viewing God, or the view of God that is religious and is NOT WHO He truly is- remember we have a picture of God in Jesus (2 Cor 4:4) And Jesus came to fulfill the law and do so completely (Matt 5:17).

What this meant for me was that He would want to replace my core values with His. This is a good thing. As you keep your eyes on the Father, experiencing Him through the Holy Spirit, His Word and He speaks to you of who you truly are-your core values begin to change, aligning with His Truth and all of a sudden you can’t help but to love yourself, love your neighbor as yourself, compassion is real and on and on–you are acting and doing what is your true nature given to you as a free gift of grace from the Father through Jesus on the Cross.

Your core values have changed by the Power of the Father in heaven through His Holy Spirit and you are walking in your true identity, in Christ-a new creation, a son or daughter of the Most High God.

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