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10,000 Hour Rule by Gladwell and Christianity

Thought I would share something that brought me much freedom a few months ago…

I had been taught and believed for some time in the 10,000 rule for prayer. If I put in my time I would reach 10,000 hours and it would be easy, enjoyable and I would attain a certain level of intimacy with God. I would then no longer struggle praying. I would be an expert at it and would no longer struggle with spending long hours in prayer. As the Lord has been clearing me out of false ideas and bringing me to a place of relationship through Grace, He is showing me who I am and Whose I am. I am seeing God in a much clearer way. I am also seeing why He needed to have me take the law glasses off and truly begin to know Him as He knows me. What an adventure!

“This belief that 10,000 hours will put you into a better position and able to pray and really like it is a form of HUMANISM.”, is what the Lord just spoke to me.  Here is a definition of humanism:

  • n. A system of thought that rejects religious beliefs and centers on humans and their values, CAPACITIES, and WORTH. (emphasis mine)

The push to attain 10,000 hours, so I could become a prayer expert, is fully resting in our own human capacity and the desire to somehow increase our worth to the Lord. This was exhausting. The Lord wants you to come to Him because you want to, not because you have to. He doesn’t want you logging in hours with Him to reach 10,000 hours so that you can become an expert prayer or so that you will enjoy it or….Prayer is not a technique that you master, it is a way of life. Relationship is communication that can always grow. What He really wants is relationship and when we begin to walk in who we are in Him we realize how much He loves us (GRACE). We are able to fully receive all that His Son accomplished on the Cross, we are adopted into sonship or daughtership and we know there is NOTHING we can do to make Him love us more because He already does. That He ALWAYS sees us through His Son’s sacrifice no matter what we have or have not done. This is when we realize that in and of ourselves we can NEVER do ANYTHING that will in any way get close to what He did for us.

God really had to help me with this. The best way to explain this is looking at our relationships with people as an example. I have had friends that I have immediately felt a connection to yet I still had to work at it. I didn’t have to log in 10,000 hours to become an expert friend with them but enjoyed spending time with them before we logged in 10,000 hours together. What is even better with God is that He has done all the work and He draws us to Him as we realize that He absolutely has forgiven all of our sin and absolutely loves us no matter what (remember He loved us when we were still unbelievers-John 3:16-17) -this gives us the confidence we need to boldly approach the Throne of Grace? He is so AWESOME that he loves us and then enables us to love Him. We believe and rest.  When I was little I would have conversations with God. We would just visit, talk and have relationship. This is what I did when I first got saved as an adult. This is what I am doing now. There is a hunger to draw near and have intimacy, not because I logged in 10,000 hours but because He is my Friend, because of love and because He put the drawing within me.

God has already provided the intimacy for our relationship with Him and as He helps us realize day by day who we are in Him we are more able to see more of the intimacy that is already there. 

2 thoughts on “10,000 Hour Rule by Gladwell and Christianity”

  1. I’m intrigued by your stance. I too have heard if this 10,000 hour rule, but I interpreted it in terms of more time spent = relationship built. I can understand you stating that praying like the Pharisees, the goal to be seen by men, is merely a religious excercise and punching a time clock. But isn’t spending 10,000 hours with God beneficial? While I understand the theme of intimacy over intellect, it sounds to me like you discourage extended times of prayer.
    Curious of your thoughts.


    1. Eli- Great questions!! The 10,000 rule has it’s roots in Buddhism and the martial arts Kung Fu. To practice with your body a form to achieve the exact technique. Relationships are not a technique they are connections existing between people or people to God. As believers, Jesus has made the way for us to have relationship with Him. God wants a relation-ship with us not a technique that we have to do correctly to get to some end result. I am certainly not discouraging relationship with our Heavenly Father, as believers in Jesus. What I am discouraging is the thought that after 10,000 hours of prayer somehow you will have mastered any relationship. It is about your heart and it is personal. My relationship with Him is fluid and enjoyed all the time and it might look different, at different times as you are led by the Holy Spirit.


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