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It is Time to Let Go of the Rules-Otherwise Known as the Law

IMG_0366I woke up one morning to the title statement, “Darlene, it is time to let go of the rules.” Yes, this was God’s voice speaking to my heart. Yet, I quickly pigeon holed it and thought, “oh, okay this is about how much time I spend with Him in prayer.” Little did I know He had bigger plans.

I could tell you of so many little things that added up to put me in the place to be able to even accept what I found…yet, that would take pages and pages. All those little things though, landed me here by His Divine hand. Oh, God is truly a Good Father.

So like I said above, I will skip over all the little things that were really huge things for me and get to the part of the revelation that I desire to share with you.

The church has peddled for far too long conviction as condemnation in the church. Harsh statement, and yet it is true as you look at scripture versus what we are taught in the church. Do a search on the word conviction and you will find (in the NET) that every time it is used in the New Testament it is used for those still under the law, convicting them of what they have done. It is not used for the believer in Christ Jesus. I know-challenging and yet God has desired for us to know Him as He knows us. We must see Him as He truly is otherwise we can misinterpret so much. Our spirit is now intertwined with God’s Spirit and it is truly easier for us to act like Him and still be fully us, who He created us to be. We are fully forgiven, fully sanctified by the Blood and Body of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He fully reconciled us to God and took ALL of our sins on the Cross, bore all of our shame (condemnation), took all of our sickness and is seated now at the right hand of the Father. No better news than that! But I want you to look at the word-ALL. All, means everything, whole quantity. Jesus didn’t take part of our sins, nor do we need to make sure each of our sins are forgiven by going to Him and confessing our sins-even after we are saved, that is what was done under the law. We are no longer held under the law but Grace. Hallelujah!

So then what do we do when we have sinned and Satan comes to us and says, “See, see I told you, you can’t measure up, you messed up again..look, look you have fallen short again and you keep falling short of the law. Maybe you need to pray more, repent more, dig in your family past–yes that’s it it is generational…cut ties, or do more…you need to DO something!!!!!”??? I have been on that roller coaster and Father in Heaven had said enough is enough; but I had to be willing to trust His still small voice as He said’ ” It is time to let go of the rules.” That was scary, because we feel rules help us feel safe.

It was so simple that it freaked me out, lol!! He told me our part is to have faith-believe, to trust, to rely on, to cling to the fact that He is our Lord and Savior and that He loves us no matter what. Simple, Healing and True. That His blood wiped all my sins away from the very beginning of my life to the very end, when He said it is finished it was FINISHED. Done, never to be looked at by the Father. I am seen through the sacrifice of Jesus. He was the perfect Lamb that knew no sin and took all of my sin upon Him and now I am seen as the perfect lamb with no sin. Such exquisite, incomparable love that it only causes me to love Him even more and be so very grateful.

I can hear the burning question, only because I also had that same burning question, “Father in heaven, what do I do when I do sin now?” See, before I had been taught that I needed to confess my sin, repent-asking for forgiveness and then make things right if I could. Now what, Abba, I had asked. I had done a word search on repentance, confess, conviction, sin and many others. As I looked up these words in Hebrew and Greek and did the word study with those words the Lord brought revelation for me that I want to share with you. First, you need to understand that your spirit is awake now that you believe in Jesus and is over your soul (mind, will, emotions) your conscience is part of your soul. When you are an unbeliever your conscience is what is convicted by the law. When you put your trust in Jesus and say He is your Lord and Savior, your spirit comes alive (Praise God) has union and communion with the Holy Spirit the wonderful Helper that Jesus sent after He went to heaven. Now, when you have faith in Jesus, (I want to reiterate-ALL you have to do is believe and say that He is your Lord and your Savior) that means the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart and reminds you of who you are and whose you are among many other things He does. Your conscience is usurped by your spirit now. So, let’s say I just lied. Under the old law way I would confess my sin, repent and sometimes feel tormented for a long time, feel sick to my stomache etc and then make it right with the person I lied to and yet I still felt awful sometimes. Now, it has changed. Here is what the Lord told me:

The enemy likes to bring up the law and put it in your face and tell you that you have broken the law and you need to do something about it and your soul reacts to this. But God speaks to your spirit and says:
Darlene, this is not who you are with such love and compassion. He reminds me of who I am and Whose I am. My spirit and soul knows He is right, that is not who I am. Then I just thank Him for taking ALL of my sins on the Cross and remind myself of who I am and Whose I am, proclaiming out loud the truth that I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and all was finished 2000 years ago on the Cross. He tells us that we enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with Praise in Psalm 100:4. We simply thank Him for what is done, it shuts the voice of the enemy and we praise Him for Who He is in us and now the enemy is defeated. When our focus is on the truth we act out of who we really are. Simple.

This revelation has led me to come out from under the law, completely. The biggest fear I had, is if I let go of the rules as Holy Spirit led me to that my family would sin more or simply “run off the deep end”, or we wouldn’t be blessed or my relationship with God would falter, or heaven forbid my sons would falter, or, or ,or and the list could go on. But that was the farthest from the truth and exactly where the enemy wants you to be. Releasing them from the bondage of “the law” has freed them even more to hear the Holy Spirit and the weights along with the backpack are gone, we never want to go back because they see the Truth in Grace. It is far more than simply saying, “we don’t live under the law” it has become a radical change in our lifestyle and how we see other people now with such intense love that is real not forced. Our focus has shifted off of “we must” to simply “believe”. It is truly like when Jesus said we would never thirst when we drank of Him, it outflows naturally because we  know who we are in Him. What God said to me to fight my fear about “going off the deep end”, was Paul’s words in Romans 6 (paraphrased)- With this new found freedom should we then go on sinning? No, of course not- How can we who have died to sin still live in it?”. See when we become believers everything changes. Even I believe how we raise our children who believe (that’s for another time).

The Lord has done it ALL for us and even if we NEVER DO ANYTHING for Him again, He still loves us. Not one believer I have ever met desires to continue to sin, they and me have always felt so horrible about it and have felt so powerless to “get it right”. The power lies in simply believing, who you are and Whose you are, that Christ did it ALL on the Cross and stated, “It is finished!” changing it from a season of law to a season of Grace. So, why live under the inferior when the superior is right there. The law brings death; so come out from under it. Let the Holy Sprit bring revelation and the freedom will be so refreshing and you can breath so much easier without the weights. We get scared, so we put ourselves back under the law to feel safe and yet God is calling us to Faith not fear.

You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Simple. Say it, focus on it, feel God’s love in it, this will bring the change. Simple faith where you cling to, rely on, believe, trust in God. Nothing else has to be done by you because God has done it all. This has brought such great freedom for me and my family. God had also told me that when we are tormented we believe a lie. There is a lie somewhere that God wants to bring up and dismiss from our hearts replacing it with His truth. Ask Him what lie you believe and He will answer. You don’t have to do anything but turn to the truth and believe. He does the rest. I have been using this truth as I minister to people and it has brought great freedom. Besetting sins, otherwise known as addictions, are falling in the light of this TRUTH- that truly the Son has set us free all by Himself.


13 thoughts on “It is Time to Let Go of the Rules-Otherwise Known as the Law”

  1. Good day! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after browsing through
    many of the articles I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m certainly pleased I came across it and
    I’ll be book-marking it and checking back frequently!


  2. A bin of questions I’m sure I seem tonight. But are you saying the Holy Spirit doesn’t convict believers of sin? In another way, are you saying that there is no need for repentance after salvation?


    1. Eli- Sure the Holy Spirit convicts of sin. Our conscience condemns us. We know when we have sinned. Even when I was an unbeliever, I knew when I was breaking the law and speeding (using an easy example). 😊 I needed to start with definitions in the Word, this is liturgical study. Once you understand the meaning of the word then you can better understand that I truly believe in repentance. I would really recommend that you look up the words: repentance, conviction, confess, sin, iniquity, transgression. This really helped me understand some things I was not seeing correctly and had to turn from=repentance. Yet see, for me to come out from under the law was definite repentance. Oh, and many of my other blogs have been definite repentance according to the true definition of the word, not what we may have been taught repentance looks like, at least for me. I hope this helps.


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