A Clear Clarion Call-2014

As I prayed this morning for the worldwide church or Body of Christ to have a double anointing this year and that God’s love would pour in and through His Body of believers:

I saw seams bursting and what had only been a slow seeping or trickling was a breakout or bursting at the seams of God’s love pouring from His Church. I immediately heard a Clear Clarion Call back to Him. God’s love, His true love, is a clear clarion call back to Him bringing true repentance and freedom.

I began praying for freedom and I heard, remember My love trumps all. Consider the condition of your heart and allow My love to wash over and through it- Releasing it from bondage-fear, worry, fret, anxiety, unforgiveness, hardened-self protection, pride, shame And so much more…..Ahhh. I smelt the sweet fragrance of freedom–Can you smell Imageit?!? Freedom within My love-abide, wash, be overcome in My love and then it will be a natural outflow to others–My Love. This is a year of His Love Impacting the world in a greater measure than ever before. What we have seen has only been a seeping or a trickle but now a bursting forth from the seams!!!  All you have to do is say–Yes Lord!


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Love Jesus, love my family and love life! Knowing Whose you are and who you are in Jesus. I quit being a law woman; so I could be God's woman. See Galatians 2:19-21 MSG

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