Church, Prophetic Words

Heavenly Gifts

The Lord keeps speaking to me: My people are gifts to this world and are called to distribute My gifts to the world. When He tells me this I see gift packages dropping from heaven over the earth. Image

I sense The Lord is reminding us, His People, that He came to set the captives free and release the prisoners. To do this He came as only He can come-He came as Himself-LOVE. I think there are times we seem to think to do this it has to be grand or huge or, or, or Something BIGGER!!!  Yet, really it is to LOVE what is in front of you.  Love whatever God has placed in front of you. Sometimes that is not easy, so that may be the huge part! Love can be shown in so many ways like prayer, eye contact with someone, one word spoken, laundry, making dinner, helping a neighbor, just a touch or hug. This list is limitless but it is loving what is placed in front of you. See these things, some small some bigger, are the gifts from heaven flowing down through His people to this world that truly needs a touch from God. Today, as you go about your day, remember that YOU are a GIFT to the world as you carry the Holy Spirit around in you. You have people to touch by the choice you make-to either listen to the still small voice and do what the Lord is asking or to ignore it. Choose from this day forward to distribute those heavenly gifts to whom is put in front of you. You have specific people that God has called you to touch today with His LOVE and bring heaven to earth.


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