Church, Prophetic Words

Mandate from the Lord-April 8, 2011

I saw a vision and could see the Unity of God pressing back the darkness, I saw swords, that were killing one another, being pounded into plowshares and I heard:  It is time for My church to take its’ rightful position and understand her position in time and space.  The ground has been tilled and planted and now it is time to reap a harvest–One of unity–for far too long now the church has added to-fueled-division in the spiritual realm–which has added fuel to the spirit of division across our country and in the world.  Unity is what opposes this spirit and now is the time of action–to put movement and action to the prayers that have tilled the ground.  It is time to pound the swords that we have used against one another into plowshares–and reap a harvest of unity.  To lay down, to stop focusing on the differences and look at what unites us-The Blood Of Jesus.

Rise up handmaidens (this is both male and female-His Bride) of the Lord.  Direction, Direction, Direction is being poured out-Grab hold and move forward–movement of choosing unity.

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